nicholas SABATINO

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Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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I am a burn survivor that was injured in a car accident at age 16, lost my best friend the driver. I suffered 3rd degree and some down to the bone over 90% of my body. I am a prolific writer and have written everything from poems to short stories, non-fiction, fiction, journalism, speeches and can write in just about any genre. I have been through enough to fill 3 lifetimes. So I have experience with all sorts of things both good and bad. Yet I am a kind hearted, down to earth person with compassion and empathy for my fellow man and woman. My writings have been called beautiful, inspiring and well, very good! I am blessed to have this talent, and I have used it for many purposes, to help others, I have a blog, and have just started a Kickstarter project for my sci-fi book to be put into graphic novel. Since it is hard for me to do manual labor and such that requires dexterity with hands because my fingers have been amputated on left and my right hand is fixed in a permanent way, I can't wiggle my fingers. Yet I can type just as fast as a normal person 45 wpm or more, because for one, I grew up on computers and even with my injuries, I am able to type very well and fast and two I have had over 20 years to adjust..
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