Ana Matos

Freelance Comic Artist & Illustrator

Location:Almada, Setubal, Portugal
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I am probably someone ordinary that for now can't make dreams came true. But I'm not that negative, I really wish to succeed. My principal objective right now is to be a comic artist, but even so I would love to illustrate books. I've always enjoyed writing, poems, texts and long texts, but I always felt that I didn't express myself very well.
I want to become someone capable to do what I exactly imagine, because I always had an enormous imagination, there were many times when I thought: "wow, how could I have imagined such a thing?!" and then when I try to draw it, sometimes the drawing looks different from what I imagined. Even so, when I get to work in something I think I am capable of, I can fly and do something that I am really proud of.
As a comic artist I know I can't be rich, not even close, but I don't really care about money.I would even do my comics as a hobby and work on McDonald's on the same time just to have same money at least to eat. It's sad that in my country, comics are not accepted very well, portuguese people don't give much attention to comics, they always compare us with painters, wich is a thing you simply can't compare because they're two completly different things, it's like illustration and arquitecture, they always think that painters are much more talented than comic artists, but the reality is that some painters don't have any idea of human anatomy, we study our all life to draw human bodies perfectly, expressions of the face, animals, acessories, scenarios, everything, until the smallest detail, and you think: "but painters also do all those things, so why do you say it's different?", and I say "who knows, isn't it what everybody says? that painters are better than comic artists?". It's strange, confusing and sickening but I hope I expressed myself well.
In the comics I like funny and romantic things, love dramas, terror is the best way to shock people, and for me a good story deserves a good drawing. For me sentimental stories are the best, because it will touch the heart of someone, even if it is just a few people, it's worth to make people feel things, make people laugh, cry, scream, get afraid just with a book full of drawings, it's a wonderful sensation for who does those drawings.
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Comic Art