Ming R. Yeung

Freelance Painter & Nature Photographer

Location:Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
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Art is a celebration of culture. I fell in love with ‘Free-Style’ Chinese painting when I first started learning it a year before I immigrated to Canada. Then, I decided to continue a three-year correspondence course between 1999 and 2001. Passing on the tradition of Free-Style Chinese painting is my duty. Since 2002, I started promoting my style of art in this multi-cultural country through various art activities.
All my paintings have different themes for the picture. The picture is a reflection of artistic style. The act of bringing to life the harmony, versatility, vividness and movements of natural subjects on delicate, thin rice paper are the key elements of my free style approach.

Recently, I have created three series of paintings about ‘Tusk and Horn’, ‘Love Nature’, and ‘Lion Dance’.
-The ‘Tusk and Horn’ is to honour our majestic giant gentle rhinos and elephants by showcasing our innovative paintings with my art friends and students. The Rhino is an extremely endangered species that continues to be under threat. Poachers are after the rhino's horn, which is used in traditional Asian medicine, though it is reported to have no medicinal value. Rhinos need our help. Only five northern white rhinos left on Earth. They are {{{EXTINCT}}}.
-The ‘Love Nature’ series features the simplicity of my work that allows one to look at with ease. Just a few colours and strokes are the main elements for my paintings.
- The ‘Lion Dance’ series depict cultural diversity for the Year of the Goat 2015, firecrackers are ignited before lion dance performances. “Plucking the green” (in Chinese ‘Cai Ching’), as you see from the image, is also one of the traditional customs of lion dance. The ‘green’ is actually a lettuce. The lion would have to prove its skill to pluck the green which would be hanging at a high position.

One of the unique features of my free style painting is in the concept of negative space. Free Style is based on simplicity. The painting only requires minimal brush strokes without preliminary draft for completion.

My work blends together two very different cultures in a way that viewers could experience it simultaneously. The flora and fauna express the creation of symmetry and asymmetry in nature. I just use two unique Chinese bamboo paintbrushes, ink, and four colours: crimson, gamboge, indigo and vermillion. Speed control is an important technique to master while adjusting the smoothness as well as the sharpness of the stroke. Just a few colours and tools are the main essentials for my art.
One of my main goals as an artist is to provide the community with a better understanding of the art of Free Style Chinese painting, and to bring in a different perspective of painting to a community as a vibrant and diversified in culture as Canada. Through exhibitions and art activities, I hope that viewers will also gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, and to also expand the community’s cultural knowledge and experience of this foreign, though relatively new, style of painting.
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