Freelance Annual Report Writer & Sales Presenter

Location:Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States
2 Skills
???Christopher Delich, PMP

• Fifteen years of experience in chemical and biological systems and sensors
• Seven years of experience developing sensors and integrated systems for military customers
• Five years of experience in scientific testing (planning, conducting, overseeing, and evaluating
• Eleven years of experience in government contracting
?????Sr. Program Manager, Program Manager
????FLIR Systems
?????March 2011-Present
??????Elkridge, MD
???????• Program Manager for $50M of sensor integration, training, fielding and Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) tasks
• Managed a matrixed team of up to 65 people between CLS, system development and fielding tasks
• Ran the largest dollar-value program in FLIR Systems and ensured timely delivery of systems valued at over a
million dollars
• Solved engineering problems having to do with EPA emissions and technical aspects of scientific instruments
• Secured $74 million in funding for CY15
• Supervised the fielding of the AT Box, the first system from the business unit to be fielded to an operational group
of users
• Planned and executed an Operational Demonstration in the center courtyard of the Pentagon and secured orders
for additional systems
• Supervised the developmental and operational testing of sensor systems and ensured the systems were selected
for procurement
• Produced systems on-time and on-budget
• Responsible for Contractor Logistics Support of systems that were developed
• Developed solutions for customers overseas (including managing ITAR compliance of same)
??????Technical Lead, Advanced Threat Systems; Systems Engineer
?????FLIR Systems(formerly ICx Technologies)
?????February 2009 – March 2011
???????Elkridge, MD
?????• Lead scientific studies using specialized technical knowledge of CBRNE agents, their characteristics, toxic effects, field sampling and detection technology, and methods of analysis and assay.
• Prime contractor representative on Test and Evaluation, Engineering and Training Integrated Product Teams (IPT)
• Utilized knowledge of scientific (chemistry, biology and industrial hygiene), source selection, material hardening and engineering concepts in the development of the Joint Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System
• Provided technical guidance, task leadership and mentoring based on wide experience in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defense and ten years of experience
• Served as instructor for test and evaluation of JNBCRS2 and the Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement (JUONS) system fielding
• Developed procedures for test and evaluation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense systems
??????CBRN/Safety Consultant
????????????May 2007-February 2009
??????Alexandria, VA/Kansas City, MO
????• CBRN/Safety Consultant for an echelon II US Navy shore command
???o Task lead (coordinating other contractors and departments) for Occupational Safety and Health with regard to Emergency Management (EM) and CBRNE programs
o Drafted and served as editor for a flag instruction for CBRN respiratory protection for all shore commands based on 29 CFR (commercial respiratory protection standards), joint CBRN doctrine and Navy regulations
o Responded to other command’s requests for support
o Documented comments to upcoming instructions and recommended changes
o Compiled a memorandum of agreement between installation commands and tenant organizations
• Consultant for defense contractors specializing in chemical and biological detection
o Provided design and re-design guidance based on Department of Defense customer’s needs
o Scheduled business development appointments
o Proposed new analyte target lists based on most transported HAZMAT material in the US market o Provided concept and product development for detection instrumentation
o Established new customers and markets for company products
• Consultant for environmental company
o Provided design guidance to transition environmental remediation products to CBRN decontamination
o Represented company interests at world-wide conferences
o Used contacts to assist in the development of new defense markets
• Consultant for engineering company entering training market
o Developed training plans for all HAZMAT certification levels, command and staff CBRN training, and
Advanced Life Support for HAZMAT injuries
o Devised a plan to create IFSAC compliant course data in Automated Systems Approach to Training
(ASAT) modules
o Gave recommendations for supportable logistics planning
????????Program Manager
????Critical Response Manufacturing
?????September 2006-May 2007
??????Alexandria, VA
???????• Acted as Program Manager for all detection systems programs, including two hand-held, stand-off chemical detector programs, a UAV stand-off detector program, a multidiscipline point sensor program (including weather, chemical, video and radiation monitors) and a detector system maintenance program (~3.2 million total)
• Supervised design of a sensor system including 60 nodes to be distributed throughout a metropolitan area, personally conducted production demonstrations on every part of the system, to include the communication system that allows all of nodes to be monitored on a browser-based interface, for a federal government client
• Tracked program schedules, inventories and budgets with P & L and Earned Value Management (EVM) authority
• Directed the development, updated and ensured compliance with specific project instructions that were consistent
with contract terms, applicable regulations and firm policies and procedures
• Developed and implemented a POI (Program of Instruction) for communications interoperability devices
• Oversaw the completion of troubleshooting training for a multi-million dollar defense system
• Developed relationships with vendors, negotiated pricing (with savings greater than the amount of my yearly
salary), managed subcontractors( machine shops, electrical integrators, software, etc.) established re-seller
agreements and scheduled vendor-specific training courses
• Specified and approved equipment purchases from the engineering department
• Presented program deliverables to both military and civilian customers, conducted IPR’s
• Responsible for government acceptance of deliverables and directing the company to invoice
• Negotiated changes in Work Break-Down Structure and negotiated for contract modifications
• Responded to government directives and requests involving financial information, contract compliance,
subcontracting, procurement, budgeting, cost proposals, project audits, insurance and other administrative issues
• Lead for GSA schedule placement
• Vendor Content Administrator for DHS programs
?????• Routinely responded to government solicitations with business development proposals
• Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Bio-Detection
??????Military Analyst/HAZMAT Chemistry Instructor
?????Davis Defense Group
??????November 2004-September 2006
????Fort Leonard Wood, MO
???????• Developed a POI in hazardous materials chemistry for the US Army Chemical Corps
• Served as an instructor and evaluator on the US Navy NAVFAC mobile training team (Emergency Management –
Installation Enhancement Team)
• Served as instructor for Hazardous Materials Chemistry and Mass Casualty Agents for personnel from Weapons
of Mass Destruction-Civil Support teams (CST’s) from 50 states, 3 territories and the District of Columbia; the Marine Corps Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF), and the First and Fifth US Armies (achieved 99%+ final pass rate)
• Acted as observer/controller of Situational Training Exercises (STX) and Field Training Exercises (FTX)
• Served as Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) equipment instructor for Chemical Corps pre-command courses and
Chemical Defense Training Facility (CDTF) personnel
• Developed a POI and GTA’s for field portable infrared spectrometers (ATR FTIR) and delivered the first courses
• Conceived, planned, recommended partnerships and acted as technical writer while developing a biological
weapon detection system capable of analyzing solid, liquid or aerosol samples
• Negotiated contracts for technical instruction certification
• Routinely participated in responses to government solicitations with business development proposals
• Completed DAU coursework in government procurement
• Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Bio-Detection
??????Molecular Biologist II
????Tetracore Inc.
?????June 2004 – November 2004
????Gaithersburg, MD
???????• Participated in classified bio-defense contract work for a government sponsor
• Researched new biological detection technologies
• Planed, preformed and analyzed the results of experiments and studies related to the improvement of techniques,
methodology and materials employed in molecular biology testing of biological defense programs
• Personally responsible for performance leading to third party auditor acceptance
• Prepared Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) primers and probes
• Preformed experimentation with bacteria, rickettsia and viruses
• Conducted contamination/decontamination studies
• Worked with several biological agents and simulants for the purpose of test and evaluation of biological detectors
and identifiers
• Work involved Bio-Safety Level 3 activities
• Appointed facility safety officer
??????Scientist, Viral Testing Laboratory – Nucleic Acid Testing
????Community Blood Center/ Hoffman LaRoche
?????March 2003 - June 2004
??????Kansas City, MO
???????• Participated in a clinical study to audit the blood supply for West Nile Virus using the then new robotic Roche Molecular Systems real time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction apparatus.
• Performed alcohol precipitation extractions for nucleotides
• Preformed polymerase chain reaction for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis C Virus targets
• Work involved Bio-Safety Level 2 activities
• Trained in GMP & GLP
???Animal Research Facility Manager, Research Assistant, Technician (promoted twice)
????Medical Research Service, Kansas City Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center
?????March 2000- November 2002
??????Kansas City, MO
???????• Given own study investigating cAMP (RIA then ELISA)
• Promoted to manager of the animal facility (reporting to the Chief of Staff for Research and the Animal Care and
Use Committee)
• Reduced material costs of operating the ARF by more than 30% by streamlining procurement and logistics
• In charge of chemical disposal for the research division
• Prepared for an AAALAC accreditation inspection, ensured the facility’s accreditation was renewed.
• Associate author in the laboratory’s publications.
• Responsible for inventory (equipment, consumables, animals and MSDS)
• Extensive experience with rodents
???Military Experience:
????MOS 91 S, Preventive Medicine Specialist:
???????• Assigned to preventive medicine missions at a medical battalion headquarters at the headquarters company, a medical department activity and Joint Task Force-Civil Support
• Served as the preventive medicine section chief
• Briefed foreign nationals (local political figures) on the public health aspects of their water supplies
• Operated in missions as the Army’s mobile public health department, EPA and OSHA
• Responsibilities include work in hazardous materials and patient decontamination
• Instructor for battalion driver’s training (5 ton and below), land navigation, FST teams and marksmanship
• Conducted full range of health inspections on a typical military post including the US Detention Barracks (military
• Participated in the asbestos monitoring of Bell Hall at the Command and General Staff College and the West Nile
Virus mosquito surveillance program
• Completed the patient decontamination course by the medical company training site, the NBC Defense course
and HAZMAT Technician and HAZWOPER
Bachelor of Science Biology/Philosophy; Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO Certificate – Program Management Fundamentals; Villanova University, Villanova, PA
Preventive Medicine Specialist MOS 91S - Honor Graduate (recertified IFSAC HAZMAT Awareness, 2005); US Army Medical Command Center and School, Ft. Sam Houston, TX
Respiratory Protection Program Manager (CBRN Capable); Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center, NSF Great Lakes, IL
Hazardous Materials Incident Response – Technician (recertified IFSAC HAZMAT Technician, 2005); The University of Missouri, Fire and Rescue Training Institute, Columbia, MO
HAZWOPER - Hazardous Waste, Operations and Emergency Response (recertified IFSAC HAZMAT Operations, 2005); Des Moines Fire Department, Des Moines, IA
Instructor Training Course; US Army Maneuver Support Center, Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Automated Systems Approach to Training (ASAT); US Army Training Support Center, Fort Eustis, VA
Fire Service Instructor I; The University of Missouri, Fire and Rescue Training Institute, Waynesville, MO
PMI - PMP (Program Management Professional) #1653553
DAIWA Level II Equivalent in Program Management (upon completion of phase II of PMT 352 will be level III) IFSAC – HAZMAT Awareness, HAZMAT Operations, HAZMAT Technician, Fire Service Instructor I
NFPA – HAZMAT Specialist Competencies
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