Tyler Geurds

Freelance Digital Artist & Animator

Location:Glenmont, New York, United States
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Tyler Geurds
5 Katherine Rd, Albany, NY 12205 * (518) 526-0075 * tyler.geurds@gmail.com

To secure a position in the field of Digital Arts & Science where I can utilize my excellent graphic designing, programming, artistic talent, and leadership skills (Website: http://people.clarkson.edu/~geurdsts/)

Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY 2012-2015 Bachelor of Sciences: Digital Arts (Minor: Communications)
GPA: 3.059
Messiah College, Grantham, PA 2011-2012
Major: Digital Arts & Sciences

Digital Arts & Sciences Experience:

3D Models: Capcom Project Spring 2015
• Increased my understanding of Maya 2015 and Poser 2014.
• Designed and created 3 detailed character models.

3D Animation: Tale of an unknown Hero Spring 2014
• Used Maya to create a 2 minute animation
• Increased my understanding of character modeling and rigging, lighting, and fluids.

Group Project: Short Film Spring 2014
• Lead team members, helped identify individual strengths, and knowing how to put their skills to full use.

Design a digital Rube Goldberger Contraption Fall 2014
• Increase understanding of Lighting and Gravity in the digital world.
• Used Maya 2014to create this short animation

Designed Short Animation: 3D Line Rider Fall 2014
• Designed and Animated a short animation using Maya 2014
• Increased my understanding of gravity and key rigging

Technical Skills:
Basic knowledge in Python and C++; electronic tablet; drawing with multimedia tools; Mud Box; Z-Brush; Maya; Poser Professional 2014(self-taught); Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premier; Dreamweaver; Java Script; HTML

Additional Work Experience:
Shift leader, Moe’s Southwest Grill 2008 – 2014
• promoted 5times based on hard work, ability to follow through, and dependability
• Learned leadership and communication skills in fast paced environment.
• Understand rudiments of a franchise operation and keeping a positive attitude when working.

Lt. Governor, Key Club Lt. Governor: 2010 – 2011
• Represented 10 Key Clubs from the 16th division of NYDKC.
• Learned how to organize, prioritize, and to become a leader for others.
• Learned how to be a public speaker and learned how to form and present presentations.

Activities and Honors:
2007-2011 Outstanding Indoor/ outdoor/ cross-country athlete; Distinguished Lt. Governor; Honors Student
2011-2012 Messiah’s Ultimate Frisbee; Photography Club
2012-2014 Clarkson’s Gaming Club; Anime Club; Gay Straight Alliance Club
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