Jason White

Freelance Banner Designer & Billboard Designer

Location:Trenton, New Jersey, United States
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Hello! First and Foremost; I admit I don't have any certificates or degrees; But I do have a strong background and love for art! I've been Drawing ever since I was able to pick up a pencil...I'm a "Natural" (Self taught0 No Art Schooling Nor; Programs! I take pride in all of my work, And yes "I am my worst Critic!'' If I"m not satisfied with my work- How can I expect someone else to be satisfied. Last but not least; I'm not here to convince anyone that, I'm the best Artist ever But; I can say that I have a "Strong Passion" for Art and Life! Not to mention, I am good at what I do...I can create any Life like image, But I specialize in (Portraits, Designs, Logos, Self-Portraits, Family Portraits, Customized Business Cards and Lettering.) So, If You're looking for Qualiity Work feel free to contact me. Thank You!
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Banner Design
Billboard Design