Paul Archer

Freelance Drawer & Animal Illustrator

Location:Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
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This interview was done by Mike Devlin of the Times Colonist with Archer a few years back.

Many times during my interview with airbrush artist Paul Archer I wondered if our chat could get any crazier.

It could and it did.

Archer is carved from the same chunk of originality as the bad boy's rock and roll: he’s loud, brash and full of zip. Not only that he countless tattoos and he’s a dead ringer for Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. Not a bad image to present when your clients include Ozzy Osborne and Alice Cooper.

Like the best of his kind, Archer appears stuck in a continuous state of performance. But if you focus on what’s real and what you can prove, it obvious Archer leads an extraordinary life.

The fun began almost immediately. He was born in London England on Christmas Day in 1959 (fun fact: Archer’s middle name is Noel) to a church minister father, who himself was born on All Angels Day, and a mother, Mary, who was blessed with the middle name Magdalene.

“I think I was destined to something artsy, needless to say,” Archer said from his parents home, where he is staying.

He recently moved back to Vancouver,” Archer said from his parent’s home, where he is staying.

He recently moved back to Vancouver Island from Vancouver, where he has lived on and off for nearly three decades, to help care for his parents.
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Animal Illustration