Tony Maligno

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & Ad Designer

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
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Anthony Maligno

Executive Summary
A high energy, motivated and driven, a natural leader that can bridge the gap between product and art through clear communication and collaboration. Proficient in both 2D and 3D art as well as UI/UX design. Successfully managed and lead both large and small art teams. Excels in quick production cycles successfully shipping numerous social apps, mobile and
free to play games. Able to increase productivity by streamlining the creative process and asset pipeline. With the ability to adopt styles, able to give concise feedback that gets the highest quality out of creative teams. An advocate for quality, speed and efficiency.

Managing artists in UI/UX/2D/3D media. Proficient in UI/UX, Maya, zbrush, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, XML scripting,
Actionscript, HTML, inDesgin, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Metrics driven design. Project management tools: Google Docs,
base camp, trello, trac, Jira, perforce.

Bohemia Interactive Simulations- Orlando, FL July 2015 - Present
UX Manager and Lead UX/UI designer for Military simulation software.

-VBS 3 ( Virtual Battle Space)
Manage a small team of UX designers, mentoring them on best practices and helped establish a user focused design process across the international design team, created standards and processes to be used across the company.
Implementing new product designs and refined user experience on existing products.
Transitioned the company to HTML5 based user interface for new products.
Worked closely with product management to define the goals for new features and determined the best UX and UI to implement for an easy to use and intuitive experience for new users.
Ui wireframing, rapid prototyping and final interface design as well as interactive prototypes.
VR flight simulator prototype ux design - prototyped ux for using oculus rift and leap motion for control, simulating the full cockpit control usage for a fighter jet.

Atmos Apps - Contract UX/Ui app design

Gainesville , FL Dec 2014-Present
UX/UI design and layout for mobile app and graphic design
? Redesign UX for new homepage and site flow
? Ui wireframing
Playtika - Contract Sr Artist
Santa Monica , CA April 2015 Present

Creating 2D art and design for Bingo Blitz social game on facebook and iPhone.
? Character design
? Background art
? Game title design
Marko Dojo Contract 2D Art Direction
San Francisco Nov 2014 - Jan 2015

2D character design and art, web branding
Dojo brand development
? Concept and design mascot characters for brand
? Carry brand designs into web presence
Blue Shell Games - Art Director/Art Manager
San Francisco, CA February 2012- Oct 2014

Lucky SlotsFacebook and IOS slot game
? Responsible for overhauling the visual style for entire product
? Worked closely with programmers and producers to define game play and art & animation pipelines
? Responsible for: Ui/UX , animation , illustration, ui, mentoring and leading contract artists, porting games to ios
? Manage outsourced art and internal art teams

Lucky Bingo Facebook and IOS bingo game
? Responsible for ramping up art team on product and defining initial art style LostTreasure of the copper slots
? Direct contributor in art production, animation
Smule - Art Director/Digital Artist
San Francisco, CA November 2011 – February 2012

SingRobot Sing Karaoke IOS game UI
Redesign of Magic Guitar IOS game
? Responsible for overhauling the visual style for entire products
? Worked closely with programmers and producers to refine game play and animation pipeline
? Responsible for: 3D animation, character modeling character development, 3D asset creation and Ui/UX
Google/Youtube - Design Manager ( Googles version of an art director)
San Francisco, CA June 2010 – November 2011

Super Poke Pets (Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Beebo))
? Managed art team
? Provided art direction and critique for all game assets

Pool Party and Photovine ( both iphone apps not games)
? Oversaw production of design on photovine and Poolparty iphone apps.
? Managed and supervised the creative process for 18 artists including: brainstorms, critiques, meetings with external
contractors and delegation of lead roles within the team as well as micro teams focusing on targeted content.
? Worked closely with the executive producer and metrics team to guide the creation of content to maximize the
revenue per user based on existing sales trends of virtual goods
? Managed external art production of 3 remote Asian contracting teams

The Broth - Art Director
San Francisco, CA July 2009 – July 2010

BarnBuddy (Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Beebo)
? Worked on Barn Buddy farming app/social game on Facebook, which earned Top 10 recognition in Fall of 2009, as well as numerous smaller social games.
? Created 2D art assets from concept to finalized ingame
? Designed UI in game and worked closely with programmers to ensure functionality and clear design
? Managed art and design team schedules, critiques to ensure consistent delivery of assets for production.
? Worked closely with the CEO to guide creative direction of product and help plan product timeline
? Managed external art production of remote Australian office

360Ed, Inc Art Director
Orlando, FL 2007 – July 2009

Burn Center (PC/Web)
Conspiracy Code (PC/Web)
Conspiracy Code: Mind Bender (PC/Web)
? Created art for character and environment assets from concept to finalized ingame
? Designed all UI in game and worked closely with programmers to ensure functionality and clear design
? Responsible for maintaining art style throughout all 360Ed titles
? Managed art team and contract artists schedules and critiques to ensure consistent delivery of assets for production and consistency in visual style
? Storyboarded and edited all video for cinematics
? Supervised all lighting in game
EDUCATION University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 2007
? Master of Science in Interactive Entertainment
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3D Graphic Design
Ad Design