Bill Kimberley

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:Newcastle, Ontario, Canada
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Innovation. Think outside the box. Finding something new and unique. This resume showcases my games, and highlights my important contributions to making them outstanding.


CORUS ENTERTAINMENT - Senior Designer 2011 to 2015

Games – PC, Apple and Android
Branded games have the unique challenge of enabling established characters to become playable in their own immersive worlds. Create games and animate using existing assets or create new assets unique and specific to their brands. Build user-friendly, brand specific Interfaces.

• Max and Ruby · Rabbit Racer · Roller Ruby · Robots
• Franklin · Pogo Paws · Falling Fun
• BeyBlades · Beyblade Blitz
• Sidekicks · Villainous 500 · Side-Kick
• Detentionaires · Hall Pass · Grounded · Busted
• Scaredy Squirrel · Paddle Battle · Fear of Flying
• Trucktown · Truck Stop · Scrap Yard Scramble · Test Drive . – Unreleased
• Little Charmers Hazel Eyes · Crazy Cauldrons. – Unreleased

BEDLAM GAMES - Senior User Interface Artist 2009 to 2011

Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale – Console and PC
The complex world of DnD requires the User Interface to display information for characters, weapons, potions and more. Simplicity and continuity give players the best route through the menus and back to game. Daggerdale features over 20 menus and a four player online HUD.

• Complex information displayed simply
• Continuity through UI system, inner and outer shell menus and HUD

Bullet Boy – iphone and ipad
Lead Artist, Concept, UI, Animator

Arcade like, Galaga/Space Invaders style game features Sprite based animation, ten enemies, one boss, unique FX, four level paralaxing background, and 20 levels of game play.

• Simple and Intuitive UI and HUD
• 2D Character and FX animation

Gamma World – Console and PC. – Unreleased
A DnD property, is an ever mutating game using Scaleform to enhance the UI experience.

• Integration of Scaleform into the pipeline

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ – Console, PC, iphone and ipad. – Unreleased
Trying to find its place, Scratch moved from console/PC to mobile and featured a streamlined game experience, slicker esthetics and faux 3D.

• Converted to Mobile and Streamlined

Lost Girl – iphone and ipad. – Unreleased
This 2D, Top Down game uses 3D animation, rendered to sprites and cool FX animation to bring this game experience to life.

• Rendered Sprites
• FX animation

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Senior Graphic Artist 2006 to 2009
Graphic Artist 2004 to 2006

Jenga - Casual Slot
Jenga introduces a unique, pleasing and tranquil gaming experience like no other.

• Abstract Motion Graphic Backgrounds
• Always a new game experience
• Extended playing times

Millionaires Club III - 20 Line Slot
Elegance and the allure of riches entice play, depth and variation lengthens play.

• Elaborate symbol set with numerous variations of the Mansion and Sailboat
• Two Bonus Levels with 100 Chance Arrays and Millionaires Club Wheel

Reel in the Cash - 20 Line Slot
Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads are cute and fresh alternates to a Royal Family. Fish swim through your game keeping it alive with movement.

• Fish shaped Royal symbols
• Eight animated symbols
• Bonus game with seven unique catches(animations)

Buccaneers Bounty - 20 Line Slot
Cannonballs and explosions in two Bonus Games. Animated Symbols seamlessly blend 2D and 3D animation and Pirate Ships fire cannonballs that “crash right out of your monitor.

• Blend of 2D and 3D character and FX animation
• Breaking the 4th wall


• 3D Architectural models from Blue Prints for Studio 129
• 3D Content Creation for the Canadian Genie Awards

PSEUDO INTERACTIVE - 3D Animator and Artist 2001

Cel Damage - Xbox
A wide variety of classic cartoon stereotypes star in their own exciting and explosive Shorts, feature Axe Chopping Cars, Electrocuted Henchmen, Missile Launching SUV’s and off-side puppets.

• 3D Character and FX Animation
• Scene Set-up including Modeling, Rigging, Texture Painting

SANDBOX STUDIOS - 3D Animator and Artist 2000

Disney’s Dinosaur - Playstation
Quick turnaround, little pre-production and a release date to match its movie counterpart, this game was designed, built and had music written and recorded simultaneously.

• Design, Storyboards and Concept Art
• Content creation – Environment Models, Textures and 30+ minutes of music

SILICON KNIGHTS - 3D Animator and Environment Artist 1998-2000

Eternal Darkness - Nintendo 64 - released on GameCube 2002
Too Human - Playstation - released on Xbox 2008


Sheridan College - Classical Animation 1995 to 1998
Focus on: Character Animation, Life Drawing, Drawing, Painting and Layout

Sheridan College - Art Fundamentals 1995 to 1998
Focus on: Life Drawing, Drawing, Painting and Photography
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