Ivor Shaer

Freelance Budgeting Freelancer & Financial Planner

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Phone: +27 83 251 3542
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If given sufficient information, I am willing to dedicate some free time to give you an taste of how your project would look/work.

I am by qualification a Chartered Accountant (in the USA That would be a CPA).

I have been designing, developing and delivering Excel VBA applications for the last nine years the basis of which have been that they are simple to use (require almost no training), distributable and very robust.

All data is entered using forms selected from drop down menus into spreadsheets that are entirely protected in order that no formulas or links can be disturbed.

Typically, if data such as orders, stock cards or personal details are made up of more that ten fields, my applications generate individual workbooks for each order/stock item/person and the key fields are the summarized and auto-updated (using the workbook “before save” command) to a current list from which global reports can be quickly extracted and analysed.

One of the applications I developed is for a fashion clothing manufacturer who produces in excess of a million units a year with production simultaneously spread across up to 20 outsourced factories. For this company I delivered:

1. Inventory System

Besides the basic function of keeping records of values and quantities of stock on hand and generating issue documents, the system offers:

a. Detailed stock reservation for future production to specific orders
b. Back tracking used stock to original supplier documents, including if rolls of fabric have been split several times.
c. Control of quantity and value of fabric sent for additional process, including the re-calculation of cost of the additionally processed fabrics.

2. Sales and production/work-in-progress Reporting System

3. Job costing system

4. “Mini-modules” for the generation of inventory purchase orders, both local and imports enabling not only tracking of the orders and the related documentation, but also producing cash flow requirements, product testing status.

5. Illustrated/Photographic Catalogues where any item which has a related a drawing or photograph is integrated into a multi-field presentation, either item by item or as a list report with the appropriate drawing or photograph next to each record’s data.

The purpose I have developed this module is that it allows an illustrated report of specifically selected items/records to be instantly produced, rather than a full catalogue containing records not related to a current inquiry.

6. Active/dynamic business plans and financial models/projections

As a consequence of my accounting/financial/business background, I am able to offer extremely detailed, dynamic projections, both long and short term, based on client supplied data. The presented projection, composing a multi-sheet workbook, can start at a unit sale or production base and lead through multi-year balance sheets taking into account asset purchases, loan funding and repayments, cash flow statements as well as asset depreciation allowances, taxation provisions, etc.
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