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Francesco Manetti

Freelance Illustrator, Painter, & More

Location:Livorno, Tuscany, Italy
Phone: +393313541113
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My name's Francesco Manetti, i'm a editorial&graphic designer/illustrator. I graduated in Visual Arts - Children's books illustration, in February 2010 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Tuscany, Italy ( I work as professional illustrator for publishing; i am specialized in children illustrated book.

About my profile:

I am able to create illustrated books managing both the creative phases:

- creation of the illustrations (sketches, storyboard, final illustrations)
- all the editorial&graphic process (images postproduction editing, layout, text editing, etc...)

I can work at a high level, professionally and qualitatively, also with tight deadlines.
I work through the use of the major graphic softwares like Adobe Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator and the main artistic techniques (acrylic, pencil, digital).

I've recently worked with the Indian publisher Karadi Tales Media (, for which I have created the "Curious Sameer" children's picture books series, with publication occurred in 2013-2014. Here the Kirkus's complete review of the series:

About my technical/language skills, my profile is completed by:

- excellent knowledge about visual arts and visual communication
- ample artistic skills and competences, keen sense of art in general
- excellent knowledge of Adobe CS6 Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator
- excellent knowledge of the main artistic techniques (acrylic , pencil , digital, collage , pastels, etc...)
- excellent knowledge of MAC and Windows systems
- good knowledge of english language, spoken and written (Written B1, Spoken B1)

My approach to the Job:

I work with illustration for children, i am able to create illustrated books, from the creation of the storyboard to the final illustrations till the editorial/graphic/layout design. I am able to work at a high level, professionally and qualitatively, also with tight deadlines. I work through the use of major graphics software (Photoshop InDesign, Illustrator) and the main artistic techniques (acrylic, pencil , digital). Normally, i proceed reading the story, creating sketches for the study of the characters; then, creating different storyboard solutions for every scene of the story. Of course, during all these processes, we stay in contact, i send You the trials through email, and time by time we decide the eventual corrections, etc... When we've defined characters and storyboard, i proceed painting the final pictures. Everytime i finish one, i send You a jpg so that in the You can in the meantime evaluate the picture, and understand if it can works. At the end, when we've all the spreads ready, we proceed with the potst-production phase: with Photoshop, we make all the corrections needed, as that the spreads can perfectly adapted to the needs of the texts and layout. The same thing will be done for the cover-back cover illustration. If requested, i am able to manage the entire layout of the book, creating fantastic and original mixture between pictures and text/words.

Francesco Manetti
Illustrator-editorial&graphic designer-book artist
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