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McKinnon Galloway

Freelance Ad Designer & Magazine Photographer

Location:United States
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McKinnon Galloway
16746 Belle Isle Drive, Cornelius, NC, 28031 ~ 704-881-1540

My objective is to acquire a remarkable education and be a contributing member at a school of your prestige and academic reputation. The education I am seeking for understanding art, as a contributing member at your school, it is my goal and expectation to continue my volunteer hours while balancing my education and schoolwork.
I think that I am a perfect fit for MassArt because I am hard working. While balancing my education and schoolwork, I have also participated in soccer, volleyball, photography, track, cross country, internships, prom committee, French club, and have upheld several different jobs.

Skills, Qualifications, and Capabilities

• Understands aperture, shutter speed, focus, depth of field, lighting and compositional elements
• Works extensively with editing programs such as Aperture and Photo Finish and familiar with Photoshop
• Knowledge of Mac and PC based computers
• Grew up using wireless mobile technology applications such as Ipads, cell phones, kindles, blue tooth, GPS, Skype, Pinterest, instant messaging and efficient texting
• Open personality, willing to be accepting towards new ideas and clients
• Understands art techniques such as shading, fading, texture and dimensions
• Experience with working with the color wheel and terms such as value, saturation, hue, warm and cool colors

Education and Experience

University of North Carolina at Charlotte | Charlotte, North Carolina
Freshman, Candidate for Bachelor of Degree 01/09/2012 - 05/2016
• Freshman

Cancer Episode – A Break from Education | Charlotte, North Carolina 2009-Present
• Senior year after being diagnosed of two brain tumors, back on my sixteenth birthday, I underwent a successful brain surgery, and still managed to complete high school without ever making a C
• On 2/26/2009, I was also diagnosed with NF2, since then I started chemotherapy treatment, hearing test, MRIs and trips all over the world to see doctors because my condition is so rare.
• Although, this treatment has taken about 4 hours a week, off my schedule, I realized this was a perfect opportunity to figure out what my life is meant for. I took a semester off from graduation to redirect my life from what I thought I was supposed to do, to what I was meant to do. During this time, I travelled, volunteered and coached volleyball. Instead of going after what I was supposed to do, I am going after my dream. Because of this, I am stronger and more driven. From my on-going battle with cancer, I know that when times get tough, never to give up. Through this experience, I have learned so many life lessons. This experience has motivated me to truly focus on the goals that I want to achieve and to perfect them in a timely manner, to the best of my ability.

Hopewell High school, Huntersville, NC, Graduation 2011 2009-2011

Cannon School, Concord, NC, Graduation 2011 2007-2009

Related Courses and Concepts

Photography 1 Fall 2010
• Made a Camera
• Learned how to expose and develop film including dark room work
• Learned the history of photography

Fashion Merchandising Class Fall 2010
• Class included color connections, fabric varieties, marking and selling fashion and store front displays
• Learned the science behind fashion including trends, fads and recycling styles
• Gained an understanding of how and why photographers design certain images to appeal to the client that they are seeking.

English writing and technology Spring 2012
• Created online sites and portfolios
• Used Microsoft Office tools to complete assignments, write essays and edit peer reviews
• Generated social media accounts such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter

Psychology Spring 2012
• Was exposed to two different types of thinkers, right and left brain
• Cultured in psychology labs and experiments
• Knowledge of different ways to approach studying and learning

Related Work Experience

Deborah Young Studio | Cornelius, NC July, 2011-Present
• Accomplished in post-production process, including archiving on DVD and editing digital files
• Greeted clients, making them feel comfortable and relaxed while discussing session objectives
• Assisted in wardrobe, background and props
• Set up lighting equipment for shoots such as reflectors and soft box flash diffusers
• Upon completion of the clients order, assembled portrait orders in folders and frames

Hopewell High School | Huntersville, NC August 2010-July 2011
Yearbook Photographer
• Photographed of all the actions and sports related events
• Comfortable photographing people. Capturing good expressions
• Spent over 200 hours outside of school editing and taking photographs

Senior Pictures | Huntersville, NC August 2009- Present
• Was hired to photograph families, couples and senior portraits

Other Work Experience
Fox & Hound | Cornelius, NC 3/20/2011- 6/29/2011

Kylies | Cornelius, NC 5/15/2010-12/20/2010

Brooklyn South | Cornelius, NC 8/27/2009-1/07/2010

College and Community Activities and Leadership

Photography club January 2011- Present
• Plan to produce and exhibit my work
Animal Shelter Volunteer August 2011 -Present
• Help feed, wash, exercise and play with the animals as well as maintained kennels
Volleyball Coach Fall 2008- Present
• Volunteered for 3 years and hired as the youngest paid coach based on sport and leadership skills.
• Taught my teams teamwork, control, accuracy, speed and perseverance
Vice- President of the Service Club Fall 2010-spring 2011
• Run blood drives successfully including signing up, marketing and follow through
• Habitat for humanity; assembled a Pageant and Bids for boys to give to charity
Foreign exchange student Fall 2007-Spring 2009
• Hosted foreign exchange students from China and France
Sports Fall 2007-Spring 2010
• Varsity Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Club Volleyball
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