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Bill Phan

Freelance Anime Artist, Graphic Designer, & More

Location:Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Phone: +61401962937
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I am currently a Civil Engineering undergraduate with a passion of creating drawings in Japanese Anime/Manga style. Since I was a kid I have always been enthused in drawing and illustrating. I discovered anime and manga around 6 years ago when I started highschool and since then I have self-taught, tried, practiced and experimented on paper and later digitally, to make the best anime artwork out of my abilities.

I specialised in drawing 2D anime characters, primarily in the form of teenage girls in simple backgrounds. I have had experience in designing original characters and/or mascots for special events. Drawing fanarts is also my strong point, I am able to make a fanart of most anime character given a reasonable reference. I can also recreate your character(s), either from an image or text reference to the best of my ability.

My style varies at times but I am also flexible at manipulating other styles very well. My main and favourite style is originated from Kantoku, a famous Japanese illustrator. My style therefore is not limited as I have spent a considerable amount of time to practice several artstyles, including chibi, semi-realistic, etc.

My drawing hardware is Wacom Bamboo Manga CTH-470 Pen & Touch. I also specialise in coloured-pencil drawing on paper (not my primary media of choice, even though this was mastered before I attained a digital tablet).