David Taylor

Freelance Book Writer & Proofreader

Location:Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
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Briefly, my name is DaviD. I graduated from University with a Bachelor in Business Administration ( B.B.A.), and I have done some post graduate research papers. I have worked several contract jobs and gained useful experience having taught Foreign Languages and Accounting, and having worked as a Data Analyst amongst other assignments. Along the way I have acquired many skills. One of the valuable skills I have acquired is some proficiency in EXCEL, another is the great awareness of clear communication; I can write formulae, compare and contrast, analyse and extract pertinent information from huge lists (thousands of entries) of data. Now I am writing books. I am available for a very wide cross section of assignments.

Note that I have just published my first book on New Brunswick hangings entitled "Hanged Twice No Joke," an ebook to be found at smashwords.com. Please visit. It covers the period from 1786 to 1949, 14 cases, and it is more than 330 pages long. There is yet another research book in my repertoire, the main one, currently being prepared for release on the NET. This main one chronicles The Office of Sheriff of New Brunswick, starting from 1784. Nobody has done this before.
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