Kathryn Massey

Freelance Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
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2-D Animator (954) 600-8115
kathrynmassey8@gmail.com www.kathrynmassey.wix.com/artwork
Summary of Qualifications
A recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, she is a dedicated, hard-working individual who is greatly enthusiastic about 2-D animation. Individually, she strives to produce work of the best quality possible for her directors, and she is able to accept and process feedback in order to improve her work. She is always open to collaboration and enjoys working with a crew that gives her multiple points of insight with her work.
*Toon Boom * Flash* After Effects * Premiere * Photoshop *Illustrator* Dreamweaver * Maya
Bachelor of Fine Arts- Animation May 2014
The Savannah College of Art and Design/ Savannah, Georgia
Summa *** Laude
Courses of Study:
Foundation Classes-Drawing for Composition, Color Theory, Life Drawing, Action Analysis, 2-D & 3-D Design, Computer Graphics
Art History: Survey of Western Art, History of Asian Art, Modern Art, History of Animation
Pixar Animation Collaborative-Storyboarding July-August 2013
H2O KIDZ June 2010- Present
Client: Irfan Atesnak
Logo Design
-Designing and coloring logos for water bottle labels
-Organizing a schedule
-Maintaining contact with client at all times to update them on progress
Handi’s Trailer March-April 2014
Client: Zelda Vinciguerra
Animation, Rough and Inking
-Animating and Extreme Close-Up Head shot
-Inking the shot while following the guidelines for line weight
-Scheduling and attending online meetings to go over shots
Awards & Showings
Volunteering Work: April 2008, 2009
Internship: June-September 2013
-Seebeneath Flash Cartoon: Aiko and Egor- Animator
Senior Films:
-Caught in a Daydream, By Katrina Tumasz October 2013-February 2014
-Rough Animation and Clean-Up
-Blind Date, By Kelsey Wooley September 2013-January 2014
-Animated several scenes
-Double Shot, By Kelsey Norden January-March 2013
-Clean-Up Animation
-Double Rainboom, By Zachary Rich November 2012
-Azadae, By Cara Anne Murray December 2012
Reel and Website Click Link www.kathrynmassey.wix.com/artwork
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Digital Art