Sharla Jefferson

Freelance Branding Freelancer & Marketer

Location:Summit, New Jersey, United States
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Sharla Jefferson

Skilled and dedicated Marketing and Brand Consultant with experience in design, developing, branding, planning, researching, communications, project & budget management and event coordination.
• Accurately completing campaign development and launch, project management and facilitation, soliciting and negotiating contractual agreements for different aspects of a project. Information management, researching, analyzing and reporting
• Ability to obtain new business, relationship building, business development and solution efforts executed within budget requirements. Marketing and branding development for product and services. Product pricing, placement and promotions. Design and develop graphic images and web-based content with innovation and strategies to retain and obtain new business
• Adept at developing and maintaining detailed administrative and procedural processes that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve business and organizational objectives
• Highly focused and result-oriented in supporting complex projects and budgets, deadline-driven in operational areas as well as able to identify goals and priorities and resolve issues in initial and progressed stages

Applications: Apple iWorks & Microsoft Office Systems (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Project Management, Outlook, Keynote, Numbers and Pages) as well as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Adobe CS, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator), Aurora Products (Logo, Animation & Presentation) Lotus Notes, Ariba, SAP, PeopleSoft, Connext, , AceProject, Anyplan, Apollo, Clinked, dotProject, Copper Project, Contour

Spearhead the development and implementation of successful marketing and advertising campaigns as well as strategize for new and existing products and services. Devise and promote global branding for major corporations, the entertainment industry and small businesses. Also, help companies establish and implement policies, procedures and processes to create and improve cohesive business practices. Worked in partnership with companies to accomplish these goals such as, Johnson & Johnson; Burberry Group plc; Accenture; L’Oreal USA; Enzon Pharmaceuticals; EHRO Cardinal Health; Sanofi-Aventis; Brown Shugar Enterprise; Victoria Secrets Corporation; Reebok International Limited; Music vs Violence; Puma Corporation; Jerry Johnson (Athletic); NuiEnergy, Swarovski Crystal Co; Ruff House Entertainment; Out Da Box Entertainment; MetLife; JPMorgan Chase; Rutgers University, The Children’s Hospital; Foundation-Denver, CO; Polygram Records; 401 Music Group, INC
• Create and implement innovative marketing concepts for movable signage, logos, product giveaways, product placement, pricing, and promotion. Obtain celebrity and customer participation related to specific products, services and events
• Coordinate, facilitate and execute contractual agreements for clients and vendors for all aspects of campaigns, projects and events including advertisement placement/promotion
• Solicit and obtain sponsorship for specific products, services and events
• Plan and facilitate campaigns, projects and events from start to finish with budgets ranging from $5,000 to $7 million plus
• Manages a two to six people team in the development and creative process for marketing, advertising, branding and business solutions for local and global presence

CONTRACTED COMPANY-Johnson & Johnson-New Brunswick, NJ
Global and Consumer Markets
Marketing Consultant-Provided marketing support through managing and maintaining four consumer groups of the business. Implementing and applying new marketing strategies, procedures and policies across their global markets for Global University Recruiting and Consumer Marketing. Facilitated and maintained marketing projects throughout the project life-cycle for all new campaigns, sales promotions, product reimaging, product launch, product stability and product awareness. Performed marketing research and analytics

Global Business and Marketing
Marketing Project Consultant-Executed and oversaw high and low level projects for the Global Operational Business Group for one of the leading outsourcing companies. Provided lead project management with global marketing for domestic and international business. Applied and executed marketing and advertising campaigns to acquire new business opportunities and generate global partnerships with external clients, staff and senior level management.

Global and University Recruiting
Provided support as a Marketing Consultant, by facilitating and developing marketing tools and materials for advertising and branding in connection with web based advertising, consumer business, expos, and campus recruiting. Handled and executed the logistics for internal marketing campaigns, tools and materials for recruiting, HR awareness, internal events, employee notifications, product introduction, testing surveying and internal communications.
Contracted Company-SANOFI- AVENTIS – Bridgewater, New Jersey 2006 -2007
Provided support as a Project and Event Consultant handled the coordination for projects and events in the Communication Department for the entire organization in this successful pharmaceutical organization. Assisted in the facilitation as the key liaison in a corporate headquarters facilities move in the NJ area.

Additional Contracted Companies
JPMorgan Chase and Metlife, Burberry Group plc, Brown Shugar Enterprise, Victoria Secrets Corporation, Reebok International Limited, Music vs Violence, Puma Corporation, Jerry Johnson (Athletic), NuiEnergy, Swarovski Crystal Co, Ruff House Entertainment, Out Da Box Entertainment`, Rutgers University, The Children’s Hospital Foundation-Denver, CO, Polygram Records, 401 Music Group, INC, Color Me Gorgeous Makeup Bar, providing support and business solutions in the following areas, Marketing; Sales; Human Resource; Finance and General Business Management within various departments

University of Phoenix Jersey City, NJ BS in Business & Brand Marketing- 2014
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