Brenda Adams

Freelance Salesperson & Children's Book Writer

Location:De Soto, Missouri, United States
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I love to be in business and I have a passion for helping people. Here is a list of my talents:

Taxes-PTIN issued by Department of Treasury! Weddings and wedding planning, Inventing, Patents, Law and Legal Research, Writing, Antiques and Appraisals! Online Sales, and Currently working on designing an app to sell. I generally do a rate per job for the most part, but I have to put something in the box. So if you need a quote, send me a message. I have multiple college degrees, multiple certificates I earned in college as electives because I enjoy a challenge such as EMT, Pharmacy Tech, Microcomputers, I have achieved above the ACT CAAP and received a Certificate of Achievement in Critical Thinking for scoring way above the National Means, I am a member of NTHS-National Technical Honor Society, I have went to tax school as well and have a current PTIN/IRS issued number, I like to keep busy, but most of all, I love it when I impress others with outstanding work, a better insight into something, or come up with a solution. Sometimes this comes across in my writing, and other times it comes across in the work I do. But whatever the challenge, I take it, accept it, enjoy it, and meet it!
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Children's Book Writing