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Brandon Tisor

Freelance Caricature Artist, Sculptor, & More

Location:Tustin, California, United States
Phone: 7148628312
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As long as I have been a child, and had the ability to hold a pencil, I wanted to be an artist. There was something about moving my hand across a piece of paper and seeing the lead adhere to the tooth/ texture caused an instant joy. That feeling of pure joy, to this day, still resides in me. I remember loving to get my hands dirty with many mediums and how fun it was to smear these materials onto a piece of paper, board, canvas etc... etc...Having the chance to see something appear before my eyes after time passed was so very gratifying and it still is gratifying with each piece I create.

I love looking at other artwork as well, and have learned so much from so many different artists and friends with many as well.

I have a B.A. Degree from Cal State University, Fullerton where I majored in stage design focusing on mainly strong compositions. I have worked on some stage designs, but found that I enjoyed doing my own individual work better. However, I still love the whole collaboration process that the performing arts have to offer.

I grew up very close to Disneyland, and I remember seeing the caricature artists drawing. I enjoyed seeing the marker glide on the paper, and what courage it takes to be confident enough to make a whole entire drawing in 5 minutes. I took many art classes to become more rounded including 3D design, Sculpture, life Drawing etc... etc...

I now do many caricature events, illustrative work, sculpture (different mediums), drawing and painting, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and always interested in giving other mediums a try. I have knowledge of computer programs like Painter, Sculptris, some Z Brush knowledge and Photoshop.

I am responsible, very hard working and always wanting to my very best for my clients. I look forward to being on Freelanced. Thank you.