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Jack Matych

Freelance Animator & Logo Designer

Location:United States
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I am an artist/writer/filmmaker/comedian with over 15 years experience in illustration, logo design, editing, various other mediums and have been animating since 2012, releasing my first cartoon series, "Stein", in 2014.

I have recently moved Stein and more videos to my new channel:
(currently I have no custom URL)

Stein is based on a series of comics I had started in 2002 but until last year had never released, you can find that as well as Buck Moon (another project I have been working on since 2004, and can see the surviving footage from a lost animated project at my other channel: and the brand new comic "Dogs in Space" at:

The previously mentioned channel on youtube, DCR-Chives, is the home of my other projects, including concert films, music videos, and a variety of clips and sketches of some of my friends' appearances on television. You can also find the original cut of my first short film, "Tube Journey" there.

I can also be followed on Twitter @jackunchained

I also have a fan page on Facebook:

As well as a Buck Moon fan page:

Once again, my comics can be found here:

If you require more examples than what I have online, feel free to contact me and specify the examples you require.
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Logo Design