Amanda Abiola

Freelance Brochure Designer & Annual Report Writer

Location:Nottinghamsire, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 07971771954
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Mrs. A. Abiola
Mobile: 07971771954
Skype: amanda.e1
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Objective: To find a full, part or contract position, where I can utilize my education and experience.

Journalism and Copywriting Education:
• Direct Marketing Copywriting (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC)--2007
• Copywriting: The Art and Craft of Creative Selling (SFU)--2007
• Proofreading 101 (SFU)--2007
• The Executive writer (SFU)—2007
• Journalism 101--honors (Simon Fraser University)
• Giving Effective Speeches and Presentations (SFU)--2007
• The Annual Report: Planning, Writing and Production Process (SFU)-2007
• The Executive Reader: Reading for speed and comprehension (SFU)--2007
• The Art of E-Commerce (SFU) --2007
• Proposals: Writing for Success (SFU)--2007
• English Literature—honors (Nottinghamshire University)
• MLA and APA style formats

Computer Skills:
• In design-- 2007
• QuarkXpress-- 2007
• Keyboarding 120 wpm
• Microsoft 95, 97, 2000, XP, Vista
• Accounting--2000
• Excel 97,03
• Outlook --2000
• Power point 97,03
• Access 97,03
• Bookkeeping--2000
• Office Scheduling Procedures--2000
• Internet Savvy Researcher

Veterinary Education:
• BC Pesticide Certificate--2000
• Veterinary Technician with honors—2000

Pre-School Teaching Education:
• Early Childhood Educator with honors--1999
• Child Daycare Management--Honors—1993

Business Management:
• Academy of Learning (Business Studies)--Honors--2000
• Building Foundations for Success (Business Communications)—2007
• Client communication (business)
• Business correspondence

Care Assistant Education:
• Pre-nursing --1989
• Care aid for the elderly—1998

All freelance copywriter/ writer positions worked are during the running of my business “Amanda’s Creative Services” which I did for 6 years.

Warehouse Manager/Sales Assistant –Mango women’s boutique – Nicosia, Cyprus 2009- 2011

Freelance Journalist—working with, and submitting articles to Metro news and 24 hours newspaper in Vancouver Canada
Freelance copywriter--A number of clients and companies working on various projects, ranging from white papers…annual reports…TV and radio, commercials…brochures…flyers…ads…resumes… consultanting with clients on a regular basis.

Freelance article writing—Enroute magazine based in Montreal, Quebec

Freelance copywriter--Will Short, owner/operator in Addison, Texas
Writing communication messages to various business clients.

Freelance writer--Miami, Florida, Webisodes--Nelson Mantcon, owner
• Writing webisode movie reviews
• Examples:

Freelance copywriter—varying projects…
• Ronn Campbell
Managing Partner
• Based in San Francisco, CA

Freelance writer--in Reno Nevada-- 2005
• Writing gambling articles for their new website
• Stephen Palmer—managing partner

Freelance copywriter--in Madras, India--2002
• Calvin Dee, owner
• Projects include: Press releases and articles.
• Examples:

Freelance copywriter
Writing articles for a variety of magazines, newspapers, e-zines and clients.

• Articles published in,, and animal wellness magazine.
• Published two novellas named The Mysterious Stranger and Stranded

Veterinary Office Manager
Developed and maintained a 3 doctor veterinary hospital; and a 24 hours emergency hospital; overseeing personnel, staff and doctors.

• Increased sales from $20.000.00 to $100.000.00 per year.
• Maintained weekly quota proposals, contracts, bills, ordering supplies, and pay rates.
• Implemented strategies of performing and allocating pre and post new surgery procedures.
• Hired and assigned employees, resolved personnel service problems
• Performed duties as a Veterinary Technician while employed as a office manager/supervisor

Early Childhood Educator,
Norgate Preschool, Teddy Bear Daycare
Developed and maintained a 35 children preschool and daycare center for 3-5 year olds as well as 0- 3 years olds center.
• Organized activities in an eight-hour day for 0-3 year’s olds.
• Organized activities for 3-5 years olds including problem solving, organization, reading, and math etc.
• Conducted confidential staff searches. Recruited qualified applicants.
• Successfully negotiated fees with personnel staff and owners.
• Developed extensive telemarketing skills with ability to set appointments and generate orders.
• Resolved billing disputes and negotiated over due account payments from parents
• Performed the duties of supervisor while working under the title of Early Childhood Educator.

Medical Transcriptionist/Supervisor
Continued and maintained a 10 doctor practice with Client and staff satisfaction.
• Gathered credit and salary information from customers by phone, and in person. Analyzed credit reports, and authorized new accounts.
• Negotiated placements with top personnel managers and doctors.
• Commended regularly by management for consistently meeting and exceeding departmental quotas and quality control requirements.
• Performed duties as a personnel manager while working under the title of medical transcriptionist.
• Over saw all staff and doctors and the whole office

Hotel Experience:
• The Ramada Inn Hotel-- North Vancouver BC, Canada
Position Held: Housekeeping Supervisor
• The Holiday Inn Hotel-- North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Position held: Housekeeper/Receptionist

Care Homes for the Elderly Experience:
• Brookside Care--Nottinghamshire, England
Responsibilities: Care assistant
• Wren Hall Nursing home for the elderly-- Nottinghamshire, England
Responsibilities: Care assistant
• Millington Springs Nursing Home--Nottinghamshire, England
Responsibilities: Care assistant

• Early Childhood Educator with honors (The Lucas Center for continuing education, North Vancouver BC)
• Management Child daycare (International Correspondence Schools, Montreal Quebec)
• Veterinary Technician with honors (Kamloops College of Veterinary Technicians)
• Pesticide License (Enables me to sell and handle legal and illegal pesticides)
• Care aid for the elderly certification distinction (Basford Hall College)
• English Major (Nottingham University)
• Journalism 101 Diploma with Distinction (Simon Fraser University)
• Copywriting (Simon Fraser University)
Editor’s Choice Award 2004 and 2005

Career and Personal strengths
Creativity, determination to succeed, Responsible, Perseverance, Ambitious, Self-motivated, Aspiring, High level of Initiative, Industrious, dependable, trustworthy, and reliable, Compassionate, Idealistic, Risk-taker, Service oriented

Reading, horse back riding, hiking, traveling, roller blading, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and creative writing.