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Janet Salmond

Freelance CAD Freelancer & Flyer Designer

Location:American Fork, Utah, United States
Phone: 1-801-642-2086
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Resume of Janet Salmond
Home Phone: 801-642-2086
Stay at home mom & Essential Oil Consultant at doTERRA & Q Sciences IBO
Stay at home mom & Essential Oil Consultant at doTERRA
September 2008 – Present (6 years)-Taking Care of my little girl and my home & others around myself.
Essential Oil Consultant at doTERRA /August 2012-Current & Q Sciences IBO
Art of many kinds
Freelance Assembler/Artist/Creative Consultant
March 2009 Civil Rights and Social Action
I do artwork for friends and people I don't even know as gifts most of the time. On occasion I start looking for places that would like to have me work for them. During this time right now I am looking for work. I do painting, drawing, clay art, arts and crafts; if I were to choose a career in art it would have too many options. Graphic Design is one of my favorite I would love to learn to do what they do some day.

Opportunities you are looking for:
? Inventor like groups / jobs
Causes you care about:
? Animal Welfare
? Arts and Culture
? Children
? Civil Rights and Social Action
? Economic Empowerment
? Education
? Environment
? Health
? Human Rights
? Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
? Poverty Alleviation
? Science and Technology
? Social Services
? Earth-ships
? Creations I have of my own I hope to bring to light.
Projects- I am an Inventor. Are you? – Toastmasters

January 2015 – Present
? Skills & Endorsements
? -Friendly Personality
o People Skills
? Visual Kinesthetic Learner
? Creativeness / Inventive
? Artist
? Always looking to improve and learn; mind is like a sponge.

Janet also knows about...
? Organization
? Hard Worker
? Love people
? Essential Oil...
? Artist
? Assembly

General Education Degree, GED
2005 – 2008

Because I have a passion for it:
1. Activities and Societies: Always looking for ways to help and improving things to help society and myself.
Timpanogas High School
Working On High School Diploma – Had major short term memory loss till a Year ago.
I am starting to work with Vocational Rehabilitation and I am on Disability.
My best areas are Music and Art, and Creative Thinking
Activities and Societies: Musical, Art, Writing, Inventing, and Health
Additional Info
? Assembly
Writing Lyrics, Stories, Etc.
? Inventing
? Music and Singing
? Being an Artist in as many ways I can
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Flyer Design