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Location:Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia
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Peng Wang
Personal Information:
Address: 43 Ella St Adamstown Newcastle Australia 2289
Phone: 0431225952
? 10 Years of experience in developing & testing business applications with the ability to architect/develop/design solutions,manage development teams, and successfully deliver multiple projects (Agile and Traditional) on time and under budget. Performed in the role of programmer, Analyst, software engineer, Technical Lead, and Architect and have assisted the sales team as a pre-sales consultant. Possesses strong customer facing and presentational skills and enjoys working as a hands-on technical Lead or contributing member of a development team. Technology focus since 2000 has been on J2EE/JEE software development, utilizing Spring, Hibernate, Agile Methodologies and various Open Source tools with the angle of how to make them more efficient.



Java (J2SE/J2EE, JEE), Javascript, AJAX, AngularJS, Jquery, AOP, JDBC, XML, XSL/XSLT, EJB, JSP/ Servlets, RMI, HTML, Taglibs. POJO, SQL, C#, C++, AspectJ, Matlab, R, Weka

Windows, Unix, Linux (Ubuntu), OS X

Oracle (8.x, 9.x, 10g), MySql, Sql Server 2002

Servers: BEA WebLogic Application Server (5.x, 6.x, 7.x,8.x, 9.x), Tomcat( 3.x, 4.x, 5.x), IBM Websphere.

Struts, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Axis2, Junit, Ant, Maven 1.x, 2.x, NetBeans, Eclipse, Hudsun, Tapestry, Appfuse, CVS, SVN


Contract Java developer customized ERP for SLOMONS Flooring. Nov 2014-on going

Project is to help SLOMONS to manage its products and customers with certain workflow. The Project is adapted Web applications based on a framework combining angularJS,Jquery, Spring MVC,Spring Security and Hibernate. This framework is helpful because the SLOMONS is spreading quickly and has many branches in Australia. The company needs a software witch can reduce business costs (less time talking to customers over the phone; eliminate printed materials; allow users to update their own details), centralize data, be quick and easy to updates and can be derivatively access to latest information for employees where every they are located. Therefore, we use Jquery, AngularJs to make single page applications to enhance web applications availability and usability. Also, The use of spring framework and hibernate can control data flow on service layer and protect data’s accuracy
• Created Several Use Cases, conceptual models, and class diagrams to support the software that was developed.

• Designed and coded several EJBs, including Session beans and Entity beans with their accompanying component interfaces.
• Designed and developed the front-end using JSP/HTML, AngularJs, JSON, and Jquery .and did transformation using XSL and XSLT.

Environment: Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP/Servlets, Maven, JNDI, TOMCAT 6.0. MAC.
Researcher, Analyst VicomTech Institute, San Sebastian Spain April 2013-Oct 2013
Vicomtech-IK4 ( is one of the first centers to account simultaneously with the ISO 9001: 2008 and UNE 166002: 2006 international prestige that placed him at the forefront of quality in research and demonstrate its commitment to the quality of its processes . All its activities are regulated management system with R + D + i like the continuous improvement of outcomes and their measurement, optimization of processes of technological innovation and the transfer and knowledge generation.
? Cooperated with local team to collect patient’s data from spanish hospitals.
? Analysed collected information as former experience to assist doctors make recommendations about diagnoses of breast Cancer based on Evolutionary Algorithm.
? Utilized former experience to improve accuracy and preciseness of the recommendations.
? Designed and developed web page to collect patients’ testing information by using Jquery,Json, Struts, Jquery-Struts plugin, facelet, Html, XML.
? Created Middle dier by using Spring framework to manage java mean and help class communicate with presentation tier.
? Embedded Evolutionary algorithm to learn pattern among previous patient’s data for self-improvement.
? Developed Object Relational Mapping to connect database and share data with other hospitals.
? Used test-driven development to write test class for unit test before coding.
? Hudson was hired for integration test.
? Subversion was used for version controlling

Researcher the University of Newcastle Australia Oct. 2010-May 2014
? designed and developed a clinical diagnosis website in Spain.
? developed Evolutionary Algorithm to deal with optimization problem
? implemented Data Mining algorithms for prediction purpose
? designed and developed a web crawler for collecting data from the Internet
First Year in my PhD study:
Focused on unformated and semi formatted data on the website. Designed a unique structure by using javabean combining XML which imitates Human DNA as knowledge representation, using four elements (variables, functions, roles and constraints) to carry different type of data and making it to be transportable and reuseable. A Web Crawler has been designed by using java URL connection to capture data from website and convert it into our unique data structure by using HTML Parser and Dom4J. This data carried by our unique structure is able to be calculated by using machine learning algorithms for prediction, to be exchanged with other applications and to be stored in wild format databases. A Journal Paper (Impact Factor 1.0) in 2012 and a international conference paper based on this implementation have been published in the same year.
Second Year in my PhD study:
I had begun to study data mining algorithms ( classification, regression, clustering,association rules and attribute selection ) to find patterns from both supervised and unsupervised data. In my experiment, a data set contained a million records with 100 features was utilized for predictions. Initially, the feature selection algorithm Relief-f was used in preprocessing layer to reduce the redundant and irrelevant features, and then the exam hired Nearest Neighbour method and Decision Tree algorithm find trend among data and use it for future predictions. The experiment was running in java environment with the Object Oriented Design. a journal paper has been published on Cybernetics and Systems (Impact Factor 1.2) in 2013.

Last Year in my PhD study
Evolutionary Algorithm as the most popular algorithm that has the ability to deal with big data/ optimization problem has been studied by many researchers. Optimization issues with multiple purposes are full of the world. Therefore, my study is focus on the evolutionary algorithms, especially the multiple evolutionary algorithms. I programed an experiment by using java language that uses Multiple Evolutionary Algorithm NSGA-II combining our DNA structure to calculate two dimension salesman issue with 200 cities. the experiment successfully found optimal solutions with two acceptable path for each dimension in competitive times. A paper has been accepted on Neurocomputing (Impact Factor 2.0) in 2014.
I published a paper in 2013 as a co-author and another one in 2014 as a second co-author in Neurocomputing (Impact Factor 2.0) .

Senior developer and Analyst Lorder Co LTD Aug 2005-Nov 2008
Lorder that devotes to consultant and software development is a high technology company based on best practices like ISO-9001 to standardize business process documentation and help customers carry out e-government. The Company has been selected by Shanghai government for many projects. I had been a core developer and designer that was involved in projects like, “letter and calls”
? Gathered business requirement and wrote functional specifications and detail design documents.
? Designed object model (use case/class/sequence/activity diagram by using Rational Rose.
? Involved in Project Architecture, Functional analysis, Process WorkFlow and designing.
? Implemented business process, database retrievals, access of information and User Interface using Java, Struts, and Spring Framework.
? Designed data model, generated DDL scripts and wrote DML scripts.
? Integrated other sub-systems with structured product applications through JMS, SOAP based on web services and XML.
? Created framework based on J2EE Struts, Spring and JDO.
? Integration and Unit testing implementation for new/refactored code.
? Maven was used for building and deploying project. for Shanghai Bureau, “Industry and Commerce registration website” and “E-Office solution”.

java developer and system analyst Shanghai China. Telecomm Nov.2002 –Aug. 2005
I was Part of a team developed billing b2c system for Shanghai Telecomm and designed the UML graph to analyse the system requirement. The project is Developed as a dynamic n-tier J2EE application to set up online bill payment from user’s mobile usage. The application also has facilities like User Registration, Recurring Payment, Schedule a payment, and Bill Info, etc. Customer can view his/her Payment History and create a customized report. Admin module provides functionality for managing and maintaining user profile.
? Involved in requirement analysis, design and implementation of the system.
? The Presentation layer used Struts to implement the MVC design pattern and facilitate user interface design by the use of JSP's and Struts based tag libraries. The Struts framework was also augmented by Validator XML config files.
? Adapted various design patterns like Front Controller, Business Delegate, Data Transfer Objects [DTO],Service locator, Session Facade, Data Access Objects [DAO] and Template Method pattern
? Extended request processor class for customizing the Action Servlet.
? Responsible for writing the SAX parsers for transaction details which are read/written using the data/to from database and rest of the enterprise.
? Implemented XML to stream data across different Interfaces for Reconciliation and Reversal process of the transaction files.
? Performed unit tests using JUnit framework for Unit Testing.
? Use continuous integration tool such as Hudson tools to build and Test code frequently
? Developed and used SQL and Stored Procedures in Oracle 9i database.

Environment: UML, Rational Rose 2000, XML, HTML, JavaMail, JavaScript, Servlets 2.4, JSP 2.0, Struts (2.0) Ubuntu Operation System

Software Engineer BIDAPU CO LTD Jun 2000-Nov. 2002
Involved in a team that designed ERP system which supports and manages the entire manufacturing process and new product introduction was part of the team that provided enhancements to the application as well as the maintenance support.
Selected accomplishments:
? Represented the team in client calls to gather the requirements and providing the weekly status report and periodic project implementation status.
? Developed client/Service application by using VB, C#
? Database Designing of Business Applications
? Coded Business Logic following MVC architecture.
? Involved in Project Architecture, Functional analysis, Process workflow and designing
? implemented the Applications using many of the design patterns and Object Oriented Process in the view of future requirements of ERP domain.
? Involved in Unit Testing and User Acceptance Testing.
? Hands on experience in development of desktop & Web Applications using ( C#,VB6.0, Java, Sql 2000)

•PhD of Software Engineering, Uni of Newcastle Australia. Graduated May. 2014.
•Masters of Information Technology, the University of Newcastle, AU. Graduated Aug. 2010
•Bachelor of Computer Science, China North-Eastern Normal University at 1999
•University of Newcastle 2011 Lump Sum Scholarship
•2012 UNPRS+UNRSC Scholarship
•2012 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad