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2 Skills
Subject Matter Expert, Consecutive Interpreter and Cultural Advisor. AFC Inc. and Mobius Industries: Fort Polk, Louisiana, Joint Readiness Training Center. 2005 – 2013

– Gave briefings to US Army commanders on compatibility of certain aspects of counter
insurgency doctrine with the goals of the US mission in Afghanistan. 2010-2013
– Interpreted for brigade level, simulated military operations coordinated with Afghan
Security Forces and its regional command structure. 2010-2013
– Advised U.S. Security Force Assistance Teams on matters pertaining to the Afghan
legislative system, culture, customs, language and communication skills. 2005-2013
– Trained officers for negotiations on collaborative and cooperative efforts with repre-
sentatives of government ministries, Afghan tribal leaders and NGO’s. 2007-2013
– Produced content for closed circuit television and newspaper in combat simulations.
– Produced content and scripts for scenarios in combat simulation exercises. 2011-2013
Subject Matter Expert, Interpreter and Site Leader. Defense Training Systems; Bellows AFB Oahu; Fort Hawthorne, NV; Camp Lejeune NC; Camp Shelby, MS. 2007 – 2009

– Wrote a protocol for Marine Officers who would participate in key leader engagements in
Afghanistan. (Camp Lejeune 2008)
– Interpreted bilateral engagements for Marine Officers with key Afghan leaders as part of
training for Operation Desert Viper at Ft.Hawthorne, Nevada 2007.
– Conducted minor administrative duties for a roster of over 80 employees: travel itinerary,
personnel management, scheduling, daily roll call, casting. (Camp Lejeune 2009)
– Conducted Afghan culture classes for Marines: history, geography, religion, traditions,
and language. (Bellows AFB and Camp Lejeune 2008-2009)
Self-employed Tutor and Educational Consultant, Atlanta GA.
09/2005 – 9/2007

- Tutored high school students in the subjects of English, algebra, geometry, biology &
_ Made an assesment of the students strengths and weaknesses and tailored a system to
maximize their potential and improve test scores.
- Advised students on proper study habits for improving their grades.
- Consulted adults who were returning to school, or continuing their education.
Carpenter. for Roy’s Rustics, Franklin, NC. 09/1995 – 11/2004
Carpenter. Furniture and Cabinet builder for Carolina Builder Services, 7/2007 – 9/2007

- Built custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets for historic (c.1927) home in Asheville, NC.
- Built rustic, solid oak and pine furniture; maintained wood shop tools.
- Assisted in the construction of shop: site prep, forms, footings, concrete pour, roofing,
insulation, minor wiring. Maintained equipment. (Roy’s Rustics)
General Manager. Vativa Jewelry. Decatur, GA.
10/1990 – 06/1995

- Designed, manufactured, marketed and sold hand crafted, costume jewelry.
- Established practices for material usage, safety, quality control and shipping.
– Determined inventory needs, yearly expenditures and budget.
- Scheduled sales presentations; built displays and planned itineraries for art shows.

Civil Engineering Technician. Hill-Fister Engineers. Clarkston, GA.
09/1987 – 05/1988

- Performed quantitative tests established by the American Society for Testing and
Measurement on materials used in the construction industry: concrete, soil, asphalt
and fiberglass.
- Wrote daily reports based on field tests which were reviewed by project engineers; made
recommendations based upon qualitative and quantitative analysis of materials.
- Consulted with project engineers and craftsmen regarding technical issues or factors related
to materials and affecting the progress and safety of construction projects.
Assistant Editor for Afghanistan Voice, a bimonthly publication of SCAFOA, the Solidarity Council of Afghan Freedom Organizations of America, an umbrella organization of Afghans apposed to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the subsequent rule of the Taliban.
1985 – 2000.

- Edited articles submitted for publication: checked for grammatical and punctuation errors.
- Assured cohesiveness of content and quality of final print.
- Distributed publications and solicited advertisement.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science: June 1987
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.


I have a balanced combination of practical, intellectual, artistic and organizational skills that allow me to adapt quickly and confidently to the demands of my employers. I have excellent communication skills, written and verbal. I have good problem solving and research abilities. I have good analytic skills that allow me to understand complex social, political, cultural and economic information and distill it into concise and comprehensive reviews and reports. I have a keen interest in our nation’s foreign and energy policy. I have the ability to organise, lead and manage personnel to bring a project to successful and timely completion. I work well within organisations that require cooperative and collaborative efforts.

I am adept at the use of tools used in the manufacture of homes and furniture. I have a keen interest in agriculture, apiary arts and industrial design, and I am capable of invention.
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