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Location:Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
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?????fancy peterpaul BIO
fancy is a Canadian Aboriginal native artist
. Her people had long ago settled and lived in a vast expanse between elsipogtog ,rexton. long ago.called bigcove . firstnations
fancy was Born in boston massachusetts she studied fine arts at the Nova ScotiaCollege of Arts and Design. Her work is influenced by her mikmaq ancestry, and the stories of her people, and the life-ways of the Aboriginal Peoples ,She now lives in elsipogtog and paints in novascotia canada , having returned to the proximity of her roots and ancestry.
Culture in NS, she had exhibitions in the Maritimes and her art was often sold very quickly,
Fancy(andrea) peterpaul. Has enhanced her skills in the fine arts programme, but had originally learned many skills by literally watching her cousins paint roger simon ,she was 9 when shèd watch mr roger paint ,she always wanted too be a amazing artist like her cousin roger ,Being partially self taught has allowed her to develop and enhance her own individual style. Her work often conveys a deep mystic quality through fine detail and pleasant style. Her work could be described as "contemporary native" and ranges from quite traditional to semi-abstract
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