Freelance Magazine Designer & Brochure Designer

Website: http://ylobacheva.neo.od.ua
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I live in Vancouver and would like to offer you my services as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I hope that my experience and knowledge will be useful to your company. To tell you a bit more about my professional background:
I have extensive experience (over 10 years) as a graphic artist in magazines, municipal daily newspapers, advertising agencies and advertising departments. As a professional I know the process of operations step by step, starting with the layout and the design to the prepress and the final product. Moreover I know what problems are likely to come during a project and can resolve them. For example I have developed the designs for projects such as Rice Paper magazine, YVR magazine (Real Estate magazine, http://ylobacheva.neo.od.ua/yvrmagazine.html) and Home&Style where I successfully managed and co-ordinated the graphic design for those magazine projects all the way from concept formation and through to completion.
I enjoy seeing a project through, implement fresh new ideas from a sketch or a model to the final product and show a visible and positive results.
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