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Freelance Portrait Artist & Graphic Novel Artist

Location:Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Phone: 0437110238
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I'm Bohomouse, but my birth name is Sarah. This title isn't based on any ' mouse-like ' features ( so don't freak out ), it is rather about my style. I am a bohemian at heart, and my stoutness is a physical attribute to mock, apparently. So, bohomouse becomes a clever insult and my pet name.
I'm an artist ( can you tell? ), I utilise my talent, gleaned from my Diploma, to make an earnest living. Is it 'earnest' if I'm enjoying myself? I am also academically proficent through means of private schooling ( thanks Mum, I will never starve ). I graduated in 2009, having learned Ancient History, Mathematics, Academic Writing and Creative Writing, as well as Religious Education ( thanks Catholic school, I will never be naive ). As a result, I am an avid reader and researcher. Imagine a bohemian analysing George Orwells 1984, over a cuppa ( Australian brew).
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Portrait Art
Graphic Novel Art