Isaac Sigley

Freelance Video Editor & Poster Designer

Location:Beer, United Kingdom
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Hello My name is Isaac Sigley, I am a multidisciplinary artist working in a vast and exciting range of mediums bellow are just a few examples of what i have done.
I am a professional film maker my services have been used in London fashion week and have worked as far as the British Embassy, Red Square Moscow, My ability to fuse seamlessly detail and sensitivity filming the matter at hand is well known and people know that my intuitive ability to predict movement and intimate knowledge of both filming and editing allows you to get the best from your event or brief in short creative documentation is second nature to me.

I am a professional creative writer/ poet/ spokes person and compare. i established the first sustainable poetry open mic night in my home town which lasted for 3 years before i moved onto my other productions. My creative writing, comes not from the study of words and context but the fascination of playful word play creative expression and detail. either in a format constricted to word count line count even first letter count my story telling and narration is second to none.

Shadow theatre
i have created a immersive world of shadows, taking audiences into a space where they are surrounded by stunning shadow scenery and stories that seamlessly blend from live to pre-recorded stories.
I am currently working on something top secret but soon shall be revealed.

Fine art
Film maker
Digital artist
Creative writer
Photographic fine art
Are just a few of the skills in which I have.

For more information on everything ells i do then please come and see my website.
If you are looking for someone who can adapt, create and inspire then lets have a chat.

Looking forward to create together.

kindest regards
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Video Editing
Poster Design