Tom Schickel

Freelance Song Writer & Singer

Location:Urbana, Ohio, United States
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Tom Schickel Is an American Singer/Songwriter as well as an Actor. He released his first album "Living On" at age 15 on June 9th 2009 and in the process of writing songs for his next album. His skill on the Piano has improved greatly sense the release of his first album and his voice has matured greatly as well. He hopes and is confedent his next album will be a mile marker in his career in Music. He has been performing and songwriting ever sence.

He was a Gappie at the Friends School in Hobart Tasmania for a year, and attended Otterbein University in Ohio for music for a short while, then transferred to Northern Kentucky University to study theatre under the watchful eyes of Ken Jones (Chair of Dept.), Charlie Reotting (Acting Teacher), and Darryl Harris (Director). He only has one professional Credit towards equity which is Lincoln Amphitheaters 2014 production Scrooges Christmas adapted by Ken Jones, and Directed by Charlie Reotting, but has played numerous types of roles before beginning working in theatre.

For live musical performances he charges between $150 - $200 for a three hour Gig.

For acting it depends on the Job.
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