Kira Siganski

Freelance Digital Artist & Drawer

Location:Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
2 Skills
As an artist I have been drawing for 7 years now and can draw action poses as well as static if needed. I draw all body types and varying creatures as well as humans. I use a Wacom bamboo tablet for digital art and currently use Photoshop Elements 9 in tandem with sketchbook pro for digital art.

For colouring I know both cell shading and soft shading. No matter where you have the light source or what colour it is I will be able to create the effect.

Traditionally I sketch, draw and paint as well as sculptures. I still colour with pencil crayons, pastels and oil pastels.

Currently my painting is better than my digital art but it takes longer and a lot more effort and planning. I use water colour and acrylics for painting.

As a writer I've only wrote a few different short stories. If you're interested in my ability to write I can send the files through email. The only thing I have trouble writing is romance if it's a main part of the story, while I will never be able to write ****** content. Anything else is writable.

Technical writing I have a bit of skill in due to an English class on technical writing. I haven't had much chance to write it but I can send examples of what I have done from in class. They were considered fairly good.
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Digital Art