Joel Prince

Freelance Copywriter & Content Writer

Location:Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Phone: 6164142756
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Looking for copywriting that converts real customers?
If you want copy that will make people take notice... If you're looking for sales letters that drive your customer to act... If you would like to see your conversion rates drastically...
Then you need look no further. I can write web copy that will get your customers to respond to - or click - whether it be a sale, a newsletter signup, an e-mail list subscription, or any other action that your sales letters or landing pages are trying to prompt. Your conversion rates will start going up, and your customer base will keep increasing.
But there is something you should know.
If you believe that great copywriting happens in half an hour (or an hour). If you think that just anybody can write a great sales letter and get it to you the same (or the next) business day. If you're looking to pay bottom price for services.If you believe that sales writing is a commodity, and it's not important to have the best sales copy...
Then you can stop here.
But if you understand that good copywriting takes some time. If you agree that the best sales letters are crafted only after extensive research. If you don't just want - but absolutely need the best in sales copy...
Then I would be happy to work with you.
It's not that I can't do same day copy. I'm perfectly capable of hammering out 300, 500, 1000, even 10,000 words in a day.
However, you deserve the best that I can deliver. And that's just not going to happen the same day - and probably not the next. The longer the project, the more time it will take to fine-tune the copy.
When you select me as your sales copywriter, you'll receive:
-Sales letters that are designed from the headline to the last sentence to keep your prospect reading and entice him to mail that response card
-E-mails with carefully crafted subject lines and a message that relates to that subject line, while being designed to get your prospect to click to the landing page
-Response cards that are designed to reinforce the buying emotion and work with the sales letter to get that conversion from prospect to customer
-Landing pages that are designed to reflect the sales e-mails that promote them, including appearance and reinforcement of ideas present in the e-mail
-Web copy that is crafted to quickly show your customer what the page is about, while drawing him further into your site and helping him find what he needs quickly
-Landing pages that are designed to reflect the ads from which they are directed for maximum quality score on Google
-Landing pages that are designed to give the customer the information he's looking for while prompting him toward an action
-And much more
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