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Embark. Feel the incommunicable surge of creativity cascade so virtuously throughout the deeply scathed folds of your brain. A potent mixing pot of ambition, regret, possibility and wonder, transient in this bed of coiled silk and tangy rust. It's all written, every story, start to finish. Unimaginably, unimpressionably, unwillingly told by a soul beyond my comprehension. Whispering these stories delicately but forcefully into my shy ear. Though perhaps unconsciously, I allow the finished piece complete with every last finishing detail, synopsis and all to crawl on its hands and knees through my ear and wrap itself like a curse, delusively around my every thought. I must embrace the paralysis creativity sets upon me. When I write, the words flow effortlessly as the story comes to life. One word after another falls into place as the stream of letters pours from my veins and out in ink.Far away behind the sunshine are my aspirations, but now my dreams cradle them in the palms of my mistold and foretelling hands. Magic? No. It is simply, purely, storytelling.

Humorous, emotional, descriptive, or raw. Challenge me to create something new and exciting. I am a young and fairly experienced writer. I adore it and often finish a piece in one sitting. Give me a chance to pick your brain and take from your experiences to write your project.
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