Mikey Eckroth

Freelance Comedy Writer & Editor

Location:Downey, California, United States
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My name is Michael Eckroth and I am a 23yr old college student with a passion for comedy writing. I am currently an undergrad accounting major but I am looking to do freelance comedy writing jobs. Some of my favorite comedians are George Carlin, Louis CK, Mitch Hedberg, etc.
Some examples of jokes I've written are:
•I'm prejudiced towards racists.
• I think it'd be fun to study abroad so this semester I'm going to pretend that I'm from Europe.
•Isn't it disturbing that Carl's Jr came out with an 'all natural' hamburger but all of their other hamburgers are still on the menu?
•If I ever felt like gambling I'd go buy a tuna sandwich from 7/11 and eat the whole damn thing.
•I have a late night fat guy question: Why did they even start baking the cookie dough?
•John 8:7 "He rised, and said unto them: He who is without sin among you, may he first cast a stone." That seems silly, I mean would a person without sin really be lining up to throw stones at people? You'd think they got that way cause they never had the urge to throw stones in the first place. I think it should be: "He who is without sin among you should probably go home, cause I think these other guys are gonna start throwing stones soon! No, someone like you should not be around at a time like this."
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