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Freelance Digital Artist & Anime Artist

Location:Ashford, United Kingdom
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From a young age I’ve known that creativity would be fundamental in my life. My range of skills include but are not limited to drawing and painting as well as costume design. Like many other artists, my passion developed in the first years of my school career, burgeoning from simple colouring into the commissioned work I currently produce. Artistically, my style encompasses anime, semi-realistic digital paintings and conception art.

In the past year, I’ve studied digital art, focussing on developing my ability within this technologically advanced medium. I have also built up a portfolio of work online, which, thanks to my dedication and motivation, has gained a large fanbase of over a thousand members and given me the chance to sell my work. I am a very independent and motivated individual with the ability to manage tasks given to me. In addition to this, I am well organised and confident when working with others. I’m a great optimist and extremely dedicated.

Artistic and creative activities play a major role in my free time, but I’m also a frequent and well practiced creative writer. I voice act for a small group, and run my own comic series online. I look forward to engaging in a variety of stimulating activities and learning essential life skills.
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Digital Art
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