Bryn Coleman

Freelance Creative Writer & Travel Writer

Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Date of Birth: 13/8/88


Highland Park High school 02-06
Gap Year 06-07 (Study-abroad internships in Costa Rica and New Zealand)
Rutgers University 2007 – 2012
- Major in Classical Humanities
- Minor in Anthropology
Senior Honors Thesis: Romanization and Cuisine at Vindolanda
Graduated Summer 2012 with 165 credits and Bachelors Degree with Honor Hours in Ancient History and Classics
Completed a year at Rutgers Graduate School of Education (half of the degree) from 2012-2013 but chose to leave program due to financial reasons and conflict with work

Languages: English, Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek

Work Experience (Recent Jobs include guitar teaching, supply/substitute teaching, tutoring, and coaching football/soccer):

1.) Farm Worker, Finca La Flor - Paraiso, Costa Rica, Sept-Dec.06.
2.) Journalist, CityLife News – Wellington, New Zealand, Jan.– May 07,
3.) Guitar Teacher, 2006 – Present
4.) Regular worker, Neilson Dining Hall, Douglass Campus, Rutgers University, Sept 07 – June 08
5.) Sports Journalist, Rutgers Daily Targum, September 07 - June 09
6.) Secretary, Mason Gross Prep. School of the Arts, Sept. 08 – June 09
7.) Licensed NJSA Football/Soccer Referee, New Jersey, July 2009 –December 2014
8.) Host/Waiter. On The Border, August 2010 – December 2012
9.) Archaeologist, Roman site of Sant' Omobono, Rome, June -July 2011
10.) Goalkeeper, Rutgers University Football/Soccer team, August 2011 - May 2012
11.) Supply/Substitute Teacher, New Jersey School Districts, September 2012 – December 2014
12.) Private Latin/English/Writing tutor, New Jersey, September 2011 – December 2014 (have taught in English and Spanish)
13.) Archaeologist, Roman site at Bournemouth, June -July 2012
14.) Private Football/Soccer Coach (mainly goalkeeper coach), New Jersey, July 2012 – Present
15.) Just4keepers Goalkeeping Academy, Jackson, New Jersey – February 2014 –December 2014
16.) Amergy Solar Installation, Statten Island, New York June – August 2014
(I moved from the United States to England in December 2014, over here I have kept up my coaching and guitar teaching)

Foreign countries been to (for travel writing, for which I have pictures to confirm as well):
1.) North America: United States, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica
2.) South America: Brazil
3.) Asia: India, Japan
4.) Oceania: New Zealand
5.) Europe: England, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey
6.) Africa: Morocco
(Countries lived in:
United States, New Zealand, England, Italy, Costa Rica)

Novels Written (which can be emailed if necessary):
1.) BERADOIN: THE MURDS AND THE MEDALLION, 375 pages (completed in 2004)
2.) BERADOIN: THE DRUID AND THE WIZARD, 350 pages (completed in 2006)
3.) AT THE OCEAN'S DEPTHS, 485 pages (begun in 2006, completed in 2013)
4.) WITH THE SEA'S WIND (begun in 2013, still being written, 120 pages thus far)
5.) STONESMITH (begun in 2014, still being written, 150 pages thus far)

Published Works:
1.) A REASON TO FIGHT (published in American Diabetes Magazine in 2007)
2.) Undergraduate thesis, ROMANIZATION AND CUISINE, 142 pages (published in Britannia Cambridge Journals in 2012)
3.) Numerous articles in City Life News (2007) and Rutgers Daily Targum (2007-2009), about numerous topics, notably sport and culture
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Creative Writing
Travel Writing