Tyler Jay Harmon

Freelance Photographer & Writer

Location:Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States
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Tyler Harmon is a self-taught and aspiring entrepreneur, moreover, content in liaising with a multitude of business partners to develop and promote his adroit cognizance in the sphere of a life coach. A young lad who specializes in assisting any type of individual in the pretermission of the old-self, and the transition into someone who is socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually adept. Tyler spent a majority of his life, from 2000 to the present, above and before anything, arduously motivating his friends, as well as random strangers he would pass on the street. In the area of health, effortless socialization with women, self-sufficiency, becoming affluent, fortitude, and any aspect of life they sought after. He has saved those on the brink of *******, in grave states of self-loathing. Those whom he wasn’t acquainted with began approaching him and so commenced the manifestation of the aftermath. One case, where he helped individuals transmute their type of attire, frame of mind, weight problem and in turn furnished him with a Job, a girlfriend, major weight reduction, a group of steadfast friends and he hasn’t been the same since. In his most recent project (a website) which Tyler has created, called Karmology: A clothing line which has inspired those to conquer the overwhelming prospect of starting their own business while still maintaining relationships in the household. Today, Tyler assembles crowds for meetings on the questions that matter most in life and gives keynote speeches. He offers services to those who independently need a helping hand, as well.
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