Merrilee Fleeting

Freelance Copywriter & Graphic Designer

Location:Glenbrook, New South Wales, Australia
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Merrilee Fleeting is a highly accomplished communicator. With an extensive background in publishing and advertising, her creative skills and leadership qualities combine well to bring projects from concept to fruition.
Merrilee is motivated and energetic in her professional roles and her down to earth nature and warm personality make her a natural relationship builder both within the working team and at all levels of the client base. In all her professional roles Merrilee has typically expanded her responsibilities and taken on challenges with enthusiasm and a clear strategy in high-pressure situations.
Merrilee’s writing skills have been honed to produce written work quickly and accurately, from feature articles and press releases to advertising headlines and all forms of internal and external communications both in print and digital mediums.
Merrilee is also a respected fine artist.
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Graphic Design