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Chris Dass

Freelance Animator, Illustrator, & More

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
4 Skills
My name is Chris V. Dass and I am a young and dynamic freelance animator and artist that has been training and working for the last six years. With my four years of training at Animation School NZ, two years as a part time Texture Artist/Assistant and one year as a freelancer/contractor I have gained the ability to produce high quality product that met the studios and clients objectives through creative means through jobs such as-
• 2D & 3D Animator
• 3D Modeler
• Concept Artist
• Storyboard Artist
• Background Artist
• Graphic Designer
• Editor
• Game Developer & Designer

Giving me the experience to Meet deadlines, Work well in a team environment, Contribute to and take on any necessary jobs, Quick learner, Positive energy and a hard worker. Due to this I believe I would be a great contribution to any company and I wish to apply for any task.

I offer the following qualification to apply for any positions available-

• Diploma in Digital Media from Animation School NZ passed with Excellence
• Diploma in Applied Animation: studied at Animation College NZ in traditional 2D animation, Passed with Merit
• Certificate for CGI from Animation School NZ passed with Excellence
• My training has given me the ability to communicate in a studio environment, Including Time management, Meeting deadlines, Positive energy, Hard work and the Ability to communicate and portray ideas to the clientele.
• 1 year working on an Animation short known as “Barquest” wish I hope to enter into the Hamburg Film Festival
• 1 year working as a Freelance/Contract Animator and Artist Including Children book illustrator and T-shirt Designer
• 2 year part time work as a Texture artist/Assistant for Curtain Wizz LTD, my main role is to check and fix up pattern designs for fabrics and textiles. Also work as an Assistant in small tasks from start to finish of the curtain manufacture and installation process and some small business support roles such as Accountant and Office support.
• Ability to learn Animation programs and technique quickly and effectively, such as the Adobe Suite, Autodesk Maya, and Toon Boom Harmony