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Hello, I'm nic. I'm an writer. An aspiring author. I'm currently working on a book series. I'm on the first book, I've revised it a few times thus why I'm still on the first on. I consider it to be a ''psycho-horror-thriller'. Its based in a current/future time. Humanity was pushed to near extinction, by the government causing an epidemic of cannibalism. The government thought cannibalism was the right idea to keep population under control. But the craze caught on and spread like wild fire. And in attempts to prevent extinction, the government hired on some ******* victims; whom through some supernatural source was brought back to life from *******. These people are called ******* Agents. They were hired on too late to make any difference in the near extinction. But their job was/is to transport the dead and infected to alternate eartha/realities. But in doing so, they were drove to insanity beyond the lines of reality. If they weren't already that insane. Now, most of the ******* Agents choose to be in alternate realms, with the exception of one. The one's who have chosen to abandon earth 1 stay away from their alternate selves, except for 2 bounty hunters.

If you wan to know more, leave a message. I'm also looking for an artist or artists to collaborate with for the art: because my original intentions was for the book to be a comic series, but I lack the ability to draw.
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