Edgar Velez

Freelance Software Designer & System Administrator

Location:New York, New York, United States
2 Skills
Director of Production, Kitara Media Jersey City, NJ 10/2011 – 2/2015
Software architect for the design of social gaming platform and Ad Network platform (polyglot systems using: Java, PHP, Redis, Actionscript and Mysql)
Managed a team of 4 developers, 3 QA testers and small team of offshore developers that helped implement architecture
Gathered technical requirements, planned cycles and sprints, and managed the release process.
Leveraged AWS CDN, EC2 , RDS, and logging services for gaming and ad network platform infrastructure
Additional responsibilities included project management, writing technical requirement documents, introduction of SCRUM processes, and hiring new developers and QA personnel.
Implemented code release process using Capistrano, AWS S3, bash shell scripting and AWS Beanstalk
Authored company SOPs for coding, QA and deployment processes including setup of Jenkins CI server
Technical Services Manager, Avectra (formerly NFi Studios) Orlando, FL 3/2010 – 10/2011
As a manager for Social CRM Technical Services, responsible for team of five (4 developers, 1 graphic artist).
Planned cycles and sprints, gathered and vetted technical requirements from across multiple teams (implementation, research & development, and customer service)
Architected integration of OEM products and client requirements, and furthered enhancements to the system integration subsystem while managing client expectation timelines vs R&D cycles
Other responsibilities include writing out technical requirements and schemas, estimating development hours, delegating work orders and tracking progress, updating burn down charts, code reviews, hiring new developers and employee reviews.
Re-structured and put in place new coding and deployment processes and procedures.
Software Developer/Lead Developer, NFi Studios Orlando, FL 7/2008 – 3/2010
Part of team that developed in PHP and JQuery/Prototype, an enterprise level, Saas, social networking platform in Zend for trade associations, non-profits and corporate intranets.
Architected and developed Restful web services api in PHP
Unit tested with PHPUnit in accordance with TDD best practices
This system was responsible for the company being purchased by Avectra.
Developed a SOAP web services sub-system, machine-machine interface between client installations and third party systems (Salesforce, Imis, and Avectra CRM and Association Management Software systems). Written in PHP the subsystem made use of adapter and marker design patterns. This system was responsible for the company being purchased by Avectra.
Software Engineer (contract), Market Leverage (Precision Play Media) Lake Mary, FL 1/2008 – 7/2008
Architected and coded web services in Cold Fusion 7 using WDDX encoding to communicate between ColdFusion front end (.cfm) and back end (.cfc)
Developed schemas for MSSQL stored procedures, correlated queries, and indexed views used in data mining for large enterprise level application.
Used Perl and PHP in designing, developing, and trouble shooting large distributed bulk email system
Developed in C++ data analysis executables that analyzed mined data for relevance vs marketing campaigns.
Developed other analysis tools in C++ that measured bounce back mail flow and automatically switched mailing IPs based on successful drops in mail queue.
Software Developer, Solution:Unitech (now part of Lockheed Martin) Winter Park, FL 9/2007 – 1/2008
Developed training dashboards and simulations for a US Navy contract using Java
Created a PHP based api tied to an actionscript and xml based flash front end environment.
Part of team that developed tracking system and interactive front end for Miles gear war gaming scenarios using PHP. Modified scenario engine written in C++.
Research Assistant, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Palisades, NY 12/2000 – 1/2004
Used VB script within MS Excel framework for administrative and logistical duties involved in NSF proposal submission and polar climate fieldwork.
Created schema and installed PostgreSQL database on Unix system for developing Polar Climate Group website/repository. Website created using HTML, PHP and Javascript
Worked with large NASA satellite and proprietary datasets in Matlab and C to smooth data, find statistical correlations and anomalies and help develop Matlab packages and statistical analysis engine for research plots used in scholarly papers.
Added web portal to proprietary math package/statistical analysis engine. Extended functionality by allowing data to be interpolated from web page/repository into analysis scripts for use in topology, hurricane-tracking models, and in researcher’s classroom and fieldwork use.
Columbia University, New York, NY 2003 - 2007
B.S. in Computer Science
Used PHP, Java, C++, HTML, MySql, MSSQL, Mongo and Redis NoSQL db, Ruby, Shell scripting, ColdFusion (version 7), and Perl professionally. Have used Java, OpenGL, and LISP academically and for self-enrichment. Familiarity with Agile/Scrum development methodologies and MVC paradigm (Zend framework).
Developed in Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS) LAMP stack, XP professional and Windows 7 WAMP stacks
IDEs used: Visual Studio .Net (C++), Eclipse and NetBeans (Java, PHP, C++), VIM (PHP, Perl). LAMP and WAMP stack experience. SVN tortoise centralized version source control experience as well as Git distributed version source control experience.