Christal Khaledodeh

Freelance Anime Artist & Drawer

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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I may not be out of high school yet(I am 17) but I already write poems, currently working on two books, and I have been drawing animals, face portraits, Horror art, Fantasy art, Manga art, Sci-Fi art, Cartooning, sketch's, clothing art, abstract whilst creating anime&manga since I was 3 years of age(I can also do a portrait of a portrait and make alterations to it if asked). If my illustrative skills are required please signify if the art should be bold or drawing style and in what ways you would like it done as not to cause confusion. I am a very friendly person and love art, writing(Creative writing, Fictional writing, etc.), poetry, acting and singing although I can only post so much of what I can do. Note to others though, I usually finish my given project between 30 minutes to 2.8 hours depending on the kind of art in question but require around 1-5 hours depending on the length of the writing. I work online mostly so digitally sending me information is best, hope I can be a help :)
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Anime Art