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Marcus Wild

Freelance Artist & Digital Artist

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I have been an artist as long as I can remember. Ever since my mother thrust a coloured crayon into my hand to keep me entertained while she baked. I’ve tried my hand at most thing’s visual that involve putting a mark down on a piece of paper, canvas or indeed even a ‘virtual’ mark on a computer screen.

I grew up in an English city called Wakefield, which is in West Yorkshire. Along with 2 brothers a jazz drummer father and an artist mother I had a wonderful childhood. Once school was done I left and went to the Technical College of my home town to do a 2 year foundation course in art. Then from there I went on to Wolverhampton University to focus on Design & Illustration for the next 3 years. Armed with a degree a major hangover and my portfolio I made my way down to London. Wide eyed and ready to go I embraced this fantastic city, and found myself working in some interesting places to say the least ! All in and around the field of advertising I worked at full service ad companies as well as in studio’s full of like minded storyboard artists, illustrators and painters. Great times indeed with the music blaring and everyone running around to get jobs done before the dreaded deadline !

After 15 years in London I decided to move to Canada for one reason or another ! And found myself on the West Coast in the beautiful city of Vancouver. As soon as my work visa arrived I landed myself a job at Electronic Arts (Black Box). A fantastic place to kick start my next adventure into the field of video game concept art. 3 years there doing concepts, story boarding and a little bit of art direction on award winning titles in the Need for Speed franchise was fun and allowed me to meet and learn from some very experienced people. From there I went to a smaller games company called Next Level Games where I did my small part on titles like Spiderman Friend or Foe and 2 Super Mario games.

Shortly after finishing Spiderman I decided that I needed to do something for myself and so I left Next Level and began focusing on various children’s book ideas that had been buzzing around in my head for years. The pirate who lost his AARRR! was my 1st to be published. I still like to fill my time with a variety of different projects, ranging from contract game concepting through to film story boarding as well as the occasional large painting exhibition. Recently I finished a month long sketch a day diary of the landmarks and interesting views around Vancouver.( Now a book ). Talking to people as I drew an interesting intersection was a wonderful way to spend a few hours each day during the month of July.

I would say I'm a very passionate artist who will think nothing of going above and beyond to make sure the project I am working on is done to the very highest degree of professionalism and expertise that my talents will allow.
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