Tony Sander

Freelance Electrical Engineer & Analog Engineer

Location:Groveland, California, United States
2 Skills
1KW, DC->DC from uW to 150W, DC->AC from uW to 2KW, batteries,
battery chargers)
o Amplifiers (DC voltage and current, audio, RF, wide-band, low-power, medium-power)
o Sensors (position, touch, flow, seismic, electromagnetic, acoustic)
o Instrumentation (voltage, current, frequency, load, pH, pressure, temperature, flow, vacuum, pacemaker,
light, audio, gas analysis, flame detection)
o Controls (temperature, voltage, current, force, speed, torque, light, sound)
o Systems (testers, multi-channel analog telemetry, multi-channel temperature control/alarm, building
condition, monitoring/access control, video management, solar power, wireless irrigation)
o Standards (IEC 60601, MIL-STD-461E, UL, SAA, CSA)
o Documents (SoW, schematic, PCB, BoM, ECO, manuals)
? Management:
o Electronics group
o Commercial security projects
o Building automation projects
o Telecommunications design and manufacture
o Audio-visual design and manufacture
o Solar power projects
o Vendor/sub-contract (electrical, mechanical, plastics, assembly and test)
o EMI/EMC (design, approval)
? Research:
o Coal mine outburst prediction
o Galvanizing coating weight control
o Solar thermal collector
o Cold plasma
? General Tools:
o MS Office, MS Project, Paint Shop
? Design Tools:
o Altium, LTSpice, PICBasic