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Michelle Haney

Freelance Illustrator & Artist

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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My name is Michelle, and I am from Ottawa, Canada. I am 22 years old and have a BA with honors in Psychology. During university I also took many art history courses that have affected my artistic output.

My art consists mostly of black and white illustration. Some of these are
my favorite icons and people I respect, others are heavily inspired by past artists. Art History is very important to me because I believe you can say a lot through an art piece if it is referencing an older, political, mythological, or even decorative painting. Many of my most recent illustrations reference woodcut prints from the 15th C, particularly Albrecht Durer. I also have moved toward Greek Statue's and the exaggerated human body. My visual style is meant to look a lot like woodcut prints.

My art is suitable for many things, such as novels, children's books, poster designs, and more. I also take commissions for individual art pieces, original drawings and paintings. I am highly motivated and would very much like to make art part of your world.

EMAIL: for more photos of my art or to contact!
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