Alicia Perrone

Freelance Voiceover Freelancer & Singer

Location:North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
2 Skills
Need the perfectly matched female Voice Over Talent / Voice Over Actor / Voice Over Artist / Vocalist/Singer for your Brand, Ad Spot, Commercial Read, Narration, Audiobook, Trailer, Radio Imaging, Live Event Announcer, Video Game, App, Phone Messaging, or any other project?

My personal style is smooth, warm, & engaging with friendly believability, sincerity, and enthusiasm – I’m known for having a “smile” in my voice. My sound can have a naturally seductive edge with a high end hip style – clients have commented that I could “sell” anything with my voice, nicknaming me “Purrone.” I’m hired for many smooth ‘n’ silky reads.

I can voice any mood you desire though, i.e., natural, smooth, warm, girl-next-door, corporate, sexy, youthful, engaging, charming, children’s voice, teen voice, character voices, accents, compassionate, alluring, provocative etc.

My narration skills are strong and my character voices are particularly good with children’s books, romance, and fiction. Encouraging self-improvement and instructional books are also a strength.

I’m skilled at transitioning easily between female and male characters.

If you have a project that needs to be completed quickly and spot-on, in some cases, gigs can be delivered in as little as 3 hrs, as I have my own recording studio and engineer.

I’m professional, reliable, affordable, and experienced.
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