Marcus Carter

Freelance Presentation Assistant & Book Writer

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Phone: (312) 273-3487
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Marcus Carter, the Goal Mentor, is a national speaker, critically acclaimed author, and a presentation/branding consultant to small business owners, entrepreneurs, specifically Ladypreneurs. He is headquartered in Chicago, IL, and also operates out of Atlanta, GA as well.

Marcus is an award winning speaker, holding office within international organizations such as Toastmasters, as well as being the director of the Chicago chapter of the Public Speakers Association.

Marcus has published two critically acclaimed titles, "You, Me, Him & Her," and the "The ***** Truth," with his third offering "Heart, Hustle, and Muscle:The Language of Success" available in March 2015.

Marcus's most cherished work is with small business owners and entrepreneurs, specifically Ladypreneurs, where he offers consultations, seminars, workshops, and training's geared towards education in the area of funding opportunities to grow and expand as well as a curriculum on product/service analysis.

Marcus also has produced and published four courses on the Udemy platform available to over 22 million users worldwide.

The Goal Mentor Marcus Carter can enliven your next meeting or conference with his passion for combining physical, mental, and spiritual wellness concepts in a contemporary, no-nonsense manner that connects with audiences on a profound level. His enthusiastic and dynamic communication style make him a uniquely qualified speaker, lecturer, and consultant, on a host of intriguing topics at the forefront of goal mentoring in the 21st century.