Christopher Aiken

Freelance Cartoonist & Drawer

Location:Billerica, Massachusetts, United States
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Christopher John Aiken
Home phone #: (978) 671-0171
Cell phone #: (978) 930-1721

Graduate of Leslie University Art Institute of Boston Bachelor’s Degree

I am a college graduate who is seeking employment as well as hands on experience. I am an intelligent, concise, dependable and hard-working person who takes pride in any job I set out to accomplish. I have experience in customer service and retail sales and know how to communicate with people and get them what they need. I will work any hours needed and will always get the job done!


• Microsoft Windows XP for the PC and Mac OSX interface.
• Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, In Design, Corel Painter 9, Illustrator
• Excellent phone etiquette as well as ability to easily communicate with others.
• Organized, detail oriented, able to multi-task.
• Team player who can also work well independently.

Work History

Animal Care Technician
Edith Norse Roger’s Memorial Veteran’s Hospital
November 2005 – present
Supervisor: Nancy Dziura
Phone: (781) 687-2442
Description: Monitoring the activity of several hundred mice as well as ensuring they are regularly fed and living in sanitary conditions. I am to sterilize the lab area for the purpose of accurate testing as well as record data regularly for analysis. I also make sure that the building is secure and that all animals are present and accounted for.

Retail/Customer Service
Blockbuster Video
July 2002-September 2003
Supervisor: Scott Mendozza
Phone: (978) 663-5300
Description: Ensuring the satisfaction of all patrons by helping to locate movie titles, correcting membership information, calling other stores to locate hard to find movies, and generally making sure the customer leaves happy. I have also done janitorial work, inventory, and store security. I was named employee of the month on two occasions and often had the highest sales figures of special store promotions.

Boys and Girls Club
Summer 1994
Phone: (978) 667-2193
Description: Looking after groups of ten to twenty children at a time between the ages of about six to ten years old during the club’s summer activities program. My responsibilities included creating activities, chaperoning field trips, and ensuring the constant safety of the children in my group. At times this required a great deal of patience, as I had to deal with many finicky kids who were unwilling to follow club rules. These children eventually learned to listen because I established myself as someone who was looking out for their safety without treating them like animals being herded into cages at the zoo. I found that communication with the most hyperactive kids is possible if you are stern but show them the same respect you would expect from them.


• Nancy Dziura (781) 687-2442 Animal research direct supervisor

• Joseph Squicciarini (781) 687-2962 Animal research department supervisor

• Patricia Blaiklock (978) 479-7134

• Uta Sunderman (978) 663-0677
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