Paul Schroeder

Freelance Copywriter & Content Writer

Location:Wausau, Wisconsin, United States
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I write for one specific purpose—motivating the target audience to take positive action. That action may include requesting a special report, picking up the phone to place an order or simply endorsing a company’s brand.

My background is in business-to-business although I do pretty well on the occasional retail project. The key point that separates me from other writers is selling. Most copywriters learned to write from a book or classroom. I did that too. However, I spent the first 12 years of my career on the street as a sales professional.

Selling is not an easy profession. Neither is writing content designed to sell the prospect on taking a positive action. I take the experience gained from face-to-face selling situations and apply it to the copy (when appropriate); creating a product that engages and delivers value to the prospect.

Writing seemed like a natural extension of sales and I applied it over the past 20 years, gaining experience as a communications manager for a nonprofit trade organization and as a marketing communications manager for manufacturers. My writing contributed to sales with a dollar value easily in excess of $40 million.

That is what excites me. I live to make a difference for companies who want to grow using a smart approach to copywriting and content marketing. If this is what you look for in a copywriter, we should talk.
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