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Graig Weich

Freelance Comic Artist & Digital Artist

Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
Website: http://www.BeyondComics.TV
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As seen on TV, “Celebrity Artist of the Stars”, Graig Weich is Artist/Writer/Director of: www.BeyondComics.TV Graig F. Weich is Artist/Writer/Director/Actor & founder of his multi-media art studio: www.BeyondComics.TV that creates IPs/source material to license into movies, TV, video games & merchandise. As an independent artist, Graig broke into comics when Todd Mcfarlane hired him as the featured double page pin-up poster artist of SPAWN issue #30 (Image Comics) at age 19. Next, his Tribute comic “Justice” was honored with the Comic Book Museum Award along with Stan Lee. Graig: “I had a lot to learn back then but now I understand & have since grown. I strive to improve & hope my new work will show it . Thanks to my fans who inspire me to continue. It takes longer for us little guys to get our work out there, but I keep going, not only for myself, but for them too.”
?Graig appeared on TLC, 20/20 ABC News, AMC TV’s Comic Book Men (Kevin Smith), The Howard Stern Show , HUFF POST (Huffington Post), in Newsweek, LIFE, on VH1, the ICE-T & Coco TV Show: Ice Loves Coco (E! Entertainment TV), plus FOX TV’s Ice & Coco, CNBC & FOX TV’s Buried Treasure.

- Graig signed with Amazon‘s ComiXology & Izneo (Int’l) plus Marvel & DC Comics’ distributors (including Diamond) releasing his comics in US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spanish speaking countries & Asia (TBLeague).
- His Facebook hit 48,000 Followers + 52,000 on Instagram & 3,982,807 views on YouTube.
- His 2 Action Figures, Cleo & Tricity, sold-out worldwide from licensee; TBLeague / Phicen.
- Coco also featured Graig & Beyond Comics to all 15 Million of her combined Followers!
- Graig got signed by an Emmy Award Winning TV & Movie Producer.
- Celebrity, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ( Mortal Kombat 11, The Man In The High Castle) joined Graig’s company & stars in his upcoming film he’s directing.

- Graig directed films based on his characters that WON the HBO UAS Award & Best Action Short (New York International Independent Film & Video Festival), making it one of the 1st of its kind to win any festival!
It stars: NBC’s SCRUBS: Donald Faison (S.C.R.U.B.S., Kick A$$ 2), Grammy Award Winner : Coolio & Star Wars’ Dave Prowse (Darth Vader).

- Graig got officially Verified? on Instagram and Facebook!

- Graig donates his art to many charities to help raise money for children & animals in need.

(He can also be seen on-camera with walk-on roles in the movies: The Dark Knight Rises (Batman) & Spider-Man 1 & 3)

-He began teaching art classes at age 15, then began an art program at the Studio School & has given lectures at College Universities: New York Institute of Technology & School Of Visual Arts.

- Graig is currently working on all his new upcoming comic books & scripts he finished for: Tricity, Code Name: Justice, Ravedactyl & a completed 2 hour Animatic Motion Storyboard for it. + 9 different new movie scripts based on his heroes are in the works.

- Graig: “I don’t come from a rich family & I have fought to make my dreams you see here a reality. Most days are a struggle. As we age & real life hits, we must rise above it & keep going. Taking care of my family’s health issues & working non-stop takes a toll, it’s been years since my last vacation. I’ve stayed up 36 hours without sleep many times to meet work deadlines, but my fans make it all worth it! My writing partner & Co-Creator of Gekido, Brandon Wilson, is a true gift to this craft. Though us Independent artists are small (compared to the huge companies), we have a voice & ideas too, & I hope the press exposure I fight for will break down barriers for other independent artists & give them a voice to be heard too. We can’t take our success with us into the next life (only our energy), so we better make this one count & leave something of value behind to inspire the next gen.
I thank my fans, online & comic shop supporters for keeping comics going. Independent Comics forever! It’s the fight to keep new superheroes alive to inspire, that’s why it’s not just about comics, but taking it Beyond Comics!”

In addition, Graig started art programs and has been teaching art since age 15, recently being a guest speaker at School of Visual Arts (SVA) & NYIT universities. Graig now devotes much of his spare time taking care of family and using his art to raise funds for charity. Graig is proactively involved with and has donated his art to help raise money for the Beth and Howard Stern’s Rescue Animals charity, The Leukemia Blood Cancer Foundation, Kids with Aids Foundation and Rosie O’Donnell’s Children’s Charity, Wounded Warriors Foundation and Blue Horizon Stem Cell research Group.

Industry Trends:
Comic book sales are $163,000,000.00, up $25,000,000.00 from last year.

The industry is prime for our new superheroes that represent today’s youth and movie-going, video game and comic book audience. Beyond Comics has received critical acclaim and is honored to be a part of contributing to this imaginative industry.

Other Milestones…

Todd Mcfarlane’s SPAWN from Image Comics is set to make a cameo in Beyond Comics’ two upcoming titles Ravedactyl & Code Name: Justice.
Marvel Comics’ Captain America officially appeared in our first Justice comic book.
Marvel Comics’ creator, Stan Lee, appears with Graig in our current comic book: Gekido.
Superhero fashion shows & art galleries showing our works!

Beyond Comics in the News:

“[Graig Weich’s Beyond Comics’ character] “Justice” leads the International Toy Fair Parade in New York!” – Life Magazine

“Beyond Comics’ super hero “Justice” wins Comic Book Museum Award”
– ABC News

“Being drawn in Graig’s comic is a dream-come-true for any comic fan”
– Howard Stern Show

“Graig drew my wife Coco so good, she had to go back to the gym and work out to match looking like his art of her, lol!” – Ice-T

“Finally after two decades, Graig is bringing new superheroes to the spot light” – Donald Faison

“Remember the name Graig Weich, for he could be the future of Comic Books.”
– Wizard Magazine.

“He’s a young me!” – Stan Lee (Marvel Comics / Pow Ent.)

“Graig Weich is one of the number one independent comic book artists to break into main stream media in America & abroad.” – Michael Alden Productions

“The most infamous independent comic book artist.” and “God-send to independent artists.” –

“Usually at the center of comic cons, his Beyond Comics booth is brimming with excitement.” – Juan Carlos Pineda:

“Graig F. Weich is THE DEFINITION of what is so much fun about comic con.”

“Graig Weich’s film he directed wins [the HBO/Cinemax sponsored UASE Film Festival!]”

Celebrities currently appearing in our comics and/or who have endorsed us:
-Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa - Mortal Kombat & The Man In The High Castle
-Ice-T – Grammy Award Winner
-Coco – Super model/Reality TV Star
-Donald Faison – Kick A$$ 2 – SCRUBS – NBC
-Adrianne Curry – Winner Tyra Banks “America’s Next Top Model
-Gary Dell’Abate “Bababooey” – Howard Stern Show Exec. Prod
-Wyclef Jean – Grammy Winner
And in loving memory of these stars who supported us first:
-David Prowes – Star Wars – Darth Vader
-Stan Lee – Marvel Comics
-Coolio - Grammy Winner

-Artist/Creator – Graig Weich:
“It’s like magic, to turn a blank piece of paper into something heroic that bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike, just makes it all worthwhile. By donating my art to charities to help raise money for ill children and animals in need, is as if the superheroes I created are actually able to help people in the real world. When all is said and done, that is what it’s truly about.”

Winner: “Best live action short” “New York International Independent Film & Video Festival” – The film version of Ravedactyl won, breaking records as one of the first times a Superhero film won such an award. Film Directored by; Graig Weich and shown in NY, LA, LV and at Madison Square Garden and the Village East Cinema and recently also was winner for his new films at HBO's Cinemax at AMC in Time Square in NYC at the UAS.
First film Starring:
Donald Faison – Kick A$$ 2 – NBC SCRUBS,
Coolio – Grammy Winner,
David Prowse – Star Wars’ Darth Vader.
Stunt team from Spider-Man.
Winner of the Comic Book Museum’s Golden Panel Award for Excellence (Other winners include Stan Lee of Marvel Comics).
Our 1st Justice comic is inducted into the “Historical Society of America’s Popular Cultural Authentic History Center.
NYIT Rising Star Award.


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