Terrie Rolwes

Freelance Nature Photographer & Photographer

Location:Ballwin, Missouri, United States
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An experienced, award winning free-lance photographer with a corporate executive level marketing/sales background. With an eye for detail my approach to photography takes a page from my chapter in sales - it is about the emotion and the story. My photographs are images that have captured emotion, action, excitement, or document a moment in time. They stand apart from the others by the way they present a different way of looking at things.

My experience is based in the textures of historical, modern and bridge architecture, the vivid range of color and depth of field in landscapes and the details utilizing macro in shooting forals. These along with the new found love of capturing the action and emotion of sports and events requiring precision timing, lighting, and professional decorum have given me a very well rounded portfolio. No matter the genre my passion understand my client's need and work with them to deliver amazing results.

With my flexible schedule, experience in managing agencies, work-teams, budgets and complex work flows I can manage most challenges and understand what it takes to be a good vendor. I am willing to take on a job no matter the scope

It would be a pleasure to learn about opportunities, big or small, that can help solve a problem or help grow your business.

Terrie Rolwes
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