Robyn Taylor

Freelance Artist & Animal Illustrator

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I am a young artist who has skills in a variety of categories such as tattoo designing, face painting, ink designs, shoe painting, henna tattooing and many more artistic endeavours.
I am hard working and a very creative and open minded person.
I would love this opportunity.
Robyn Louise Taylor

Address: 5 Cardiff Gate, Iluka, 6028, WA
Phone number: 0409108241
Home phone number: 93040914
Date Of Birth: 12/06/1996
Email Address:

I am a caring, friendly and creative person, hardworking and dedicated towards completing all tasks responsibly in an organised fashion. I am currently completing my first year of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Conservation and Biology at ECU. University study needs to be supplemented with practical experience in the workplace; I would like to enter the workforce to obtain experience and to learn key customer relation skills by working with a range of people. I learn at a quick pace and enjoy new experiences as well as meeting people. Helping others provides me with a sense of pride and achievement.

2008 Ocean Reef Primary School Year 7
2009-2012 Ocean Reef Senior High School Year 8 to Year 11
2012 - 2013 Peter Moyes Anglican Community School Year 11 to Year 12
Year 12 Certificate
Completion of WACE with ATAR of 72
• Biology Science Stage 3
• Mathematics Stage 3
• Visual Art Stage 3
• Chemistry Stage 3
• English Stage 3
Sculpture Mentorship for the KickstArt Festival, Propel Arts WA (2015)
Face painted for the Make a Wish Foundation Fundraiser (2015)
RSA Liquor License (2014)
Weekly Volunteering at Malaga Native Animal Rescue (2014)
Donated my Costa Rican Endangered Animals Art series to a Costa Rican Volunteer Fundraiser (2014)
Opened an Exhibition at the Blender Art Gallery (2013)
Visual art Achievement certificates (2008- 2011)
First Aid Certificate (Peter Moyes Anglican Community School, 2011. Ocean Reef Senior High School, 2009)
Academic Award (Ocean Reef Senior High School, 2010)
Diary Cover Competition Award (Ocean Reef Senior High School, 2010)
Letters of Commendation in Visual Art (Ocean Reef Senior High School, 2010)
Letter of Recommendation (Ocean Reef Senior High school, 2010)
Emergency Service Cadet Certificate of Graduation (Ocean Reef Senior High School, 2009-2010)
40 hour famine Certificate (Ocean Reef Senior High School, 2009)
2008 Character Award (Ocean Reef Senior High School)
Outstanding Effort awards (Ocean Reef Primary School)
Health and safety certificates (Ocean Reef Primary school)

I have gained a lot of employment experience, I have supervised my younger sibling under the age of 14 as well as engaged in baby-sitting for friends. I have contributed to Galleries through exhibitions of my own art work. I have gained some experience in wildlife and family pets as I have grown up on a rural property before moving to Australia in 2005.

Worked as a team in the KickstArt festival for Propel Arts WA to construct a sculpture, 2015.

Volunteered as the ball pit supervisor for Run a Muck, 2014.

Volunteered to face paint at the Make a Wish Foundation, 2014.

I have recently been volunteering a few days a week at the Native Animal Rescue in Malaga, where I have gained experience in caring for Australian animals and the natural Australian habitat.

I have experience in customer service and communication skills in the face paint industry for children’s birthday parties.

Worked in hospitality as a waitress for 3 Sheets Bar and Restaurant at Hillaries for over a month now where I gained training for two days in hospitality as well as waitressing.
I also gained more hospitality skills through the training at Dome in Currambine.

Worked as a waitress, barista, bartender and hostess at Oscars in Currambine.

Gained retail experiences from training as a sales assistant at Target in Lakeside Joondalup.

Art, art exhibitions, face paint, sculptures, fashion, the community, wildlife, galleries, volunteering, guitars, music, baking, skateboarding, nature, adventure, and free time to hang with friends and family.
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Animal Illustration